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PS VR Integration | PS5
Game Boost | PS5
  1. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw13 timmar sedan

    Ps2 we meet again.

  2. RomeosTrueDude

    RomeosTrueDude13 timmar sedan

    This isn’t Outbreak and as much as I love the attempt. It only breaks my heart more

  3. The Light

    The Light13 timmar sedan


  4. The Light

    The Light13 timmar sedan


  5. Fernando Fernandes

    Fernando Fernandes13 timmar sedan

    If it’s free, then maybe.

  6. kasha gaemen

    kasha gaemen13 timmar sedan


  7. Mr. Bones

    Mr. Bones13 timmar sedan

    with an amazing processor, 4k gameplay, ez 60fps, smooth and 0 lags.... they launch this...

  8. RoNaK PaTel

    RoNaK PaTel13 timmar sedan

    We want new sly cooper.. also make remaster with 60fps patch on ps plus

  9. Ryuji Goda

    Ryuji Goda13 timmar sedan

    We need old games like warhawk or motorstorm. CMON PLAYSTATION!!

  10. Pawts

    Pawts13 timmar sedan

    Tom Nook has some competition.

  11. Biggie Pauls

    Biggie Pauls13 timmar sedan

    I purposely didn't play this on last gen and have eagerly awaited the ps5 version... i am so hyped for this!

  12. kasha gaemen

    kasha gaemen13 timmar sedan



    SUPER GAMEPLAYS 6413 timmar sedan

    Tá poha meno que jogo e esse :0

  14. Tado4Real

    Tado4Real13 timmar sedan

    It’s 2021. Let’s leave games like this in the 80s

  15. Davide Antinarella

    Davide Antinarella13 timmar sedan

    What about sly cooper?

  16. Kevin Yu

    Kevin Yu13 timmar sedan

    Eh. I rather have a open world Star Wars game

  17. Gamer Bamban

    Gamer Bamban13 timmar sedan

    Meh *Sly Cooper* is better

  18. KingsOfGaming

    KingsOfGaming13 timmar sedan

    4k/120fps mode please

  19. coverandoacasa

    coverandoacasa13 timmar sedan

    this is the wrong raccoon sony, try again, with a sly this time

  20. marq Uis

    marq Uis13 timmar sedan

    This looks like it was made on dreams

  21. Sosper

    Sosper13 timmar sedan


  22. Dreamcast3w

    Dreamcast3w13 timmar sedan

    Lol pois like a ps3 game but a bad one.

  23. {} Blake {}

    {} Blake {}13 timmar sedan

    This is a real game for REAL mmr

  24. Chris HB

    Chris HB13 timmar sedan

    Wrong Racoon Sony.

  25. yassine kennedy

    yassine kennedy13 timmar sedan

    Graphics like ps2 😂😂😂

  26. Yazeed Baghaffar

    Yazeed Baghaffar13 timmar sedan

    The word NIGHTMARES it’s always connected to the iconic game LITTLE NIGHTMARES

  27. Motherfucker L Jackson

    Motherfucker L Jackson13 timmar sedan

    A game for H2odelirious play

  28. EddieGrez

    EddieGrez13 timmar sedan

    Nah... I want Sly Cooper.

  29. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington13 timmar sedan


  30. Martinez Ruiseco Brandon Humberto

    Martinez Ruiseco Brandon Humberto13 timmar sedan


  31. sevenlift

    sevenlift13 timmar sedan

    You make the wrong choice where is plug suit where is pilot suit

  32. Paolo Solenne

    Paolo Solenne13 timmar sedan

    4k, Ray tracing, 60 fps, hdr, adaptive feedback, 3d audio... For play furry super mario

  33. The Holiday Gaming

    The Holiday Gaming13 timmar sedan

    Restock ps5 in India

  34. Faiz Patel

    Faiz Patel13 timmar sedan

    All I see is Doraemon and the yellow one Doraemi

  35. The Holiday Gaming

    The Holiday Gaming13 timmar sedan

    Restock ps5 in India

  36. Black Steve

    Black Steve13 timmar sedan

    New sly cooper when?


    WUND9RKIND13 timmar sedan

    2003 called, they want their graphics back.

  38. Ryan Bennett

    Ryan Bennett13 timmar sedan

    A game is a game it doesn’t matter how it looks

  39. Bossfight 101

    Bossfight 10113 timmar sedan

    No it’s not Resident Evil OutBreak No I am not getting it …Thank you

  40. Gamer Deijean

    Gamer Deijean13 timmar sedan

    I knew it would happen! Because in the apk of among us there is a ps4 session image file

  41. Metal Bucket

    Metal Bucket13 timmar sedan

    It better have Vc cuz otherwise that won’t go down well

  42. zxc asd

    zxc asd13 timmar sedan

    Ninja theory is cool

  43. Chad Tyronous Rex

    Chad Tyronous Rex13 timmar sedan

    My subconscious mind read the title as RE Outbreak, still I'll give this a shot... If it comes to Gamepass.

  44. d3arknes3 shad0w

    d3arknes3 shad0w13 timmar sedan


  45. Ryan Bennett

    Ryan Bennett13 timmar sedan

    I know delicious is going to love this game

  46. Pan Winter

    Pan Winter13 timmar sedan

    Kinda thought it would be some kind of Sly 5. If only you made a Sly Cooper game again...

  47. Peter Harry

    Peter Harry13 timmar sedan

    The graphics in this game look incredible

  48. مباريات الآن

    مباريات الآن13 timmar sedan

    💥💥🥳🥳🥳🕺It's a world war wow I'm so excited to play this game

  49. Google User

    Google User13 timmar sedan

    Sony is releasing more PS5 exclusives than they are PS5s

  50. xxrena46

    xxrena4613 timmar sedan


  51. مباريات الآن

    مباريات الآن13 timmar sedan

    Wow, it's a fiery, fabulous and exciting advertisement🥳🥳🥳🥳💥🤩😋

  52. Star killer_ !

    Star killer_ !13 timmar sedan

    Is this raccoon Morial

  53. Emile Heskey

    Emile Heskey13 timmar sedan

    Really bro? Sly is still stuck in egypt...

  54. Timo Waselewski

    Timo Waselewski13 timmar sedan

    Me: still waiting for sly cooper 5 Sony: oh you like racoons?

  55. GoldenMiky 85

    GoldenMiky 8513 timmar sedan

    **Epic pixelated music**

  56. lucidreams_07

    lucidreams_0713 timmar sedan

    For real?

  57. The X Bros

    The X Bros13 timmar sedan

    Everyone is gansta until GTA 6

  58. guts

    guts13 timmar sedan

    1:24 The witcher

  59. Nam Xà Phòng

    Nam Xà Phòng13 timmar sedan

    I like evey trailer have peaceful sountrack.This is one of them:)

  60. Knight Wolf

    Knight Wolf13 timmar sedan

    Think of H2ODelirious

  61. wortrr

    wortrr13 timmar sedan

    Mario 2.0

  62. The X Bros

    The X Bros13 timmar sedan

    Playstation 5 is releasing games in every week!

  63. Cybek

    Cybek13 timmar sedan

    is it a racoon from marvel?

  64. Croft Reactions

    Croft Reactions13 timmar sedan

    Them graphics 😂😂😂 ew

  65. Tiago Matos

    Tiago Matos13 timmar sedan

    Cool, now give us Sly Cooper...

  66. Rohit Paul

    Rohit Paul13 timmar sedan

    It cannot run cyberpunk

  67. CookieBird34

    CookieBird3413 timmar sedan

    Looks like your typical indie platformer tbh.

  68. Akon

    Akon13 timmar sedan

    Mega man Xracoon

  69. Sofia Bozzuto

    Sofia Bozzuto13 timmar sedan

    What's with all the rifts thing lately xD

  70. Adam Beardmore

    Adam Beardmore13 timmar sedan

    Looks like resident evil for the ps2

  71. Manik Kanaga

    Manik Kanaga13 timmar sedan

    So Celeste but you’re Sly

  72. benmorax

    benmorax13 timmar sedan

    they even put the moonlight sonata song xD.

  73. G R H

    G R H13 timmar sedan

    sly cooper the early years Roadhouse

  74. serega velichko

    serega velichko13 timmar sedan

    Вас 90е не атпускают

  75. Anik Kabir

    Anik Kabir13 timmar sedan

    Gilson B Pontes? Is that you?

  76. no. lol.

    no. lol.13 timmar sedan

    Was here after 2 thousand views

  77. MaxChronicler

    MaxChronicler13 timmar sedan

    😂😂😂😂 So bad

  78. JamBTW

    JamBTW13 timmar sedan

    Let's go

  79. Warresistancex HD

    Warresistancex HD13 timmar sedan

    Pensaba que era algún modo del call of duty cold war xD

  80. Charly Dejoie

    Charly Dejoie13 timmar sedan

    Release another raccoon 🙃