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  1. StriderRyu7

    StriderRyu72 timmar sedan

    Only the most beautiful and talented assassins for our boy “The Dragon Ninja”....💪🏾 🐉 You can use Kasumi?!?!? 👀 Must be in Razor’s Edge.

  2. John Stevens Jr

    John Stevens Jr2 timmar sedan

    What about ps4? But I don't have ps5...🙁

  3. Elijah Micheal

    Elijah Micheal2 timmar sedan

    After lots of attempts to recover my account *BILLZTECH01* on !G was the one who made it possible .

  4. Shiny TV

    Shiny TV2 timmar sedan

    if this wont be available on the PS4 i might buy me a ps5 just to play this

  5. Doctor Dubstep gaming

    Doctor Dubstep gaming2 timmar sedan

    thank goodness it's free because my ps plus sub ran out 3 days ago and i've been looking for a temp cod replacement until i get my ps plus back

  6. saad yousufzai

    saad yousufzai2 timmar sedan

    It's gonna be same as 2k20 cuz same developers making this game not yukes developers.

  7. PerryGameplays

    PerryGameplays2 timmar sedan

    I'm just saying this guy is the bravest man alive he saw how a squidshark trappes gua cabin and he didn't got afraid

  8. Cornelius Claudius

    Cornelius Claudius2 timmar sedan

    Finally a game I can actually break the controller buttons

  9. Danny Harnisch

    Danny Harnisch2 timmar sedan

    very bad ..ubi'loser

  10. Icicle the ghost leviathan

    Icicle the ghost leviathan2 timmar sedan

    R.I.P Seamoth, Cyclops, and stasis rifle. Hello Seatruck. Not fricking worth it ;(

  11. Farens

    Farens2 timmar sedan

    Best anonce 2021, shut up and give me game!!!)))

  12. Rex H

    Rex H2 timmar sedan

    Looks fun, but the lighting and camera work in particular have not aged well. Could really use some upgrades there.

  13. Oliverbeam

    Oliverbeam2 timmar sedan

    1:44 toreador March

  14. Crazyfayze

    Crazyfayze2 timmar sedan

    Can't wait to see SMVR and GBG go dummy when this drops.

  15. Alexander Karp

    Alexander Karp2 timmar sedan

    I see weapons, I click....I'm a simple Marine.

  16. Timic83tc

    Timic83tc2 timmar sedan

    sadly a worse version. play ng1 and ng2 on xbone BC. itagaki for the win, he talked to me on facebook, what a legend

  17. Christopher Rivera

    Christopher Rivera2 timmar sedan



    THE HOLY OTAKU GAMER2 timmar sedan

    I´ve seen this game grow since it was a baby. Haven't played in a while. How much better could it have gotten since june 2020? Guess i'll find out xD

  19. Super Creator Man

    Super Creator Man2 timmar sedan

    Memories memories....

  20. AX HR

    AX HR2 timmar sedan

    Yo con jugar con cole macgrath estaba bien ☹️

  21. Meikel Mckinney

    Meikel Mckinney2 timmar sedan

    Can we talk about how at 0:36-0:52, the music is just an absolute jam. Like I was ready for a bass drop, I'm so hype

  22. error sans erorl

    error sans erorl2 timmar sedan

    Me gusta ese juego quiero jugar

  23. Ace Zalo

    Ace Zalo2 timmar sedan

    Its still not available on PS Store

  24. Mexican_Pride

    Mexican_Pride2 timmar sedan

    No ps5 upgrade??? If not still gonna get it

  25. Jojo Ash

    Jojo Ash2 timmar sedan

    Kasuama , ayane & momoiji too. 4 ways pretty please or cheers.. JUNE'S 11th ps5 baby's can't wait. Plus RATCHET and CLANK etc TOO. & also backlog games TOO. PS4/5 Marches on. Can't wait..

  26. wallpaper42

    wallpaper422 timmar sedan

    It's just babes

  27. Tio Einstein

    Tio Einstein2 timmar sedan

    This game has worse graphics than BF5 and BF1 but it's only available for the next generation... How?

  28. LostHytale

    LostHytale2 timmar sedan

    If only I had a PS5 to play this game

  29. leandro samurai

    leandro samurai2 timmar sedan

    hayabusa and blue blood kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. red blood please, no blue.

  30. Elijah Micheal

    Elijah Micheal2 timmar sedan

    After lots of attempts to recover my account, *BILLZTECH01* on !G was the one who made it possible.

  31. Jojo Ash

    Jojo Ash2 timmar sedan

    Enlisted or enslaved population Marches on?.

  32. Jorge Marquez

    Jorge Marquez2 timmar sedan

    Kinda sounds like that song from death stranding at certain parts.

  33. Elijah Micheal

    Elijah Micheal2 timmar sedan

    After lots of attempts to recover my account, *BILLZTECH01* on !G was the one who made it possible.

  34. Hekticc

    Hekticc2 timmar sedan

    I've been playing it all day. Kind of clunky controls but very fun.

  35. GO BLACK 444 LUCAS

    GO BLACK 444 LUCAS2 timmar sedan

    Bons tempos😞

  36. regi don

    regi don2 timmar sedan


  37. XP1967

    XP19672 timmar sedan

    Videogame Cool

  38. KM Clan

    KM Clan2 timmar sedan

    What Call of Duty use to feel like.....

  39. Ronald Trump

    Ronald Trump2 timmar sedan

    Thank you Enlisted, very cool!

  40. Elijah Micheal

    Elijah Micheal2 timmar sedan

    After lots of attempts to recover my account, *BILLZTECH01* on !G was the one who made it possible .

  41. Mellisa Edward

    Mellisa Edward2 timmar sedan

    Really grateful guys for recommending *SUNNYTECH04* on !G he was able to help my bro recover his account.

  42. Solunous

    Solunous2 timmar sedan

    It'd be cool if they added Hayate. All the DoA ninjas

  43. Stratos H D

    Stratos H D2 timmar sedan

    cool video , but how is the gameplay?

  44. Eu mesmo

    Eu mesmo2 timmar sedan

    The engine sound seems so wrong...

  45. oskulock

    oskulock2 timmar sedan

    Yeah, all those characters, and Ryu is the only one even remotely fun to play as.

  46. Киса

    Киса2 timmar sedan

    Why would you not remake this game, it would look so amazing on the new tech.

  47. Akatsuki Leader

    Akatsuki Leader2 timmar sedan

    so sad we didnt see a new version on this game so far... also this goes for castlevania!

  48. Elijah Micheal

    Elijah Micheal2 timmar sedan

    After lots of attempts to recover my account, *BILLZTECH01* on !G was the one who made it possible

  49. mariocco village

    mariocco village2 timmar sedan

    i dont buy anything from you sony until days gone 2 is out


    MEZINGO2 timmar sedan

    Once lots of people have the game mark my words! There will be literary hundredths of tutorials from every SEtoosr

  51. Drag-on

    Drag-on2 timmar sedan

    S1 and S2 Still didn't add the gore back even for the stronger piece of hardware I see -__- so Vita remains the only sigma version to have it included. But whatever I can satisfy my ravenous need for violence now I need my Armored Core to be brought back in super high def

  52. Alvin Everett

    Alvin Everett2 timmar sedan

    Can you beat Call Of Duty: WWII?

  53. Majin

    Majin2 timmar sedan

    I have a question. Is this a sequel or just a updated version?

  54. M E M E L A D S

    M E M E L A D S3 timmar sedan

    This game is everything DICE/EA couldn't give us.

  55. esteban nomas

    esteban nomas3 timmar sedan

    Remembering playing this on the PS2 when i was 12, now that i'm 21 i feel the same about mini toy cars

  56. YFN Dorsey

    YFN Dorsey3 timmar sedan

    medal of honor ps5 nice

  57. eNIGMA NoNeck Gaming

    eNIGMA NoNeck Gaming3 timmar sedan

    great thigs!

  58. Mömenn Àmr

    Mömenn Àmr3 timmar sedan

    Very bad games on ps5

  59. Киса

    Киса3 timmar sedan

    I was interested when it was still mysterious.... they really shouldn't have spoiled the entire game lol.

  60. JadhenTips

    JadhenTips3 timmar sedan


  61. Ripped from the internet

    Ripped from the internet3 timmar sedan

    battlefield been kinda quiet since this trailer dropped

  62. Ahmed Punk

    Ahmed Punk3 timmar sedan


  63. Joseph Hall

    Joseph Hall3 timmar sedan

    Freaking cray fish

  64. Josael Jiménez

    Josael Jiménez3 timmar sedan

    I would love a *Pacific Theater* , *Eastern Front* maps or even the *Battles of Khalkhin Gol/Nomonhan* and with *División Azul* .

  65. John Conor

    John Conor3 timmar sedan


  66. ILikechicken

    ILikechicken3 timmar sedan

    Why did I get this in my recommended 8 years later

  67. Majin

    Majin3 timmar sedan

    I still own them all on my PS3, but you can get I'm getting them on PS4 😃. Grew up with the whole series along side Shinobi (which I also wish they'd make a new one and/or port Shinobi/Nightshade to the PSN).

  68. SCARFACE PR 187

    SCARFACE PR 1873 timmar sedan

    I don't even like xbox but this game will be better on xbox one and xbox series X/S because Ninja Gaiden 2 on these systems has dismemberment and blood so if I were everybody if you have either of these xbox consoles get this game on these consoles, I promise you you won't regret it!!!

  69. Jeffrey Leaitua

    Jeffrey Leaitua3 timmar sedan

    Im glas they change the Boy face

  70. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker3 timmar sedan

    A perfect game!

  71. JaySamurai79

    JaySamurai793 timmar sedan

    Still enjoying my hyperspin. Would be great to download roms to console.

  72. Ruben Cedeño

    Ruben Cedeño3 timmar sedan

    Is this to be free, by any chance?

  73. Mr Thomson Jack

    Mr Thomson Jack3 timmar sedan

    I want to thank *BILLZTECH01* on !G for the help he renders in recovery of accounts.he’s highly recommended.

  74. Majhol

    Majhol3 timmar sedan

    We want days gone part 2

  75. Retro Toad

    Retro Toad3 timmar sedan

    Parece un juego de celulares

  76. Raytheon Nublinski

    Raytheon Nublinski3 timmar sedan

    You aren’t gonna sell me on a racing game that isn’t gran turismo 7 so stop trying.

  77. Nicolò Milani

    Nicolò Milani3 timmar sedan


  78. João Vitor Lima Cabral

    João Vitor Lima Cabral3 timmar sedan

    Looks like a mobile game with bad camera angles 😂

  79. Arclight Sama

    Arclight Sama3 timmar sedan

    déjà vu ??