Abandoned - Announcement Teaser | PS5

Abandoned is an cinematic horror survival shooter that emulates realistic survival in first person perspective set in an massive detailed open world environment.
While we don’t want to go through the full gameplay details just yet, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what you can expect. The gameplay video will be available soon. In the mean time, we released an announcement teaser for Abandoned which you can also download on your PS5 soon to experience the high quality environment realtime on your PS5 console.


  1. Bmorecrafty

    Bmorecrafty9 minuter sedan

    Article said this was "photo realistic" saw aliasing on shadows....what?

  2. Ultrafunk Records

    Ultrafunk Records46 minuter sedan

    Looks so awful 🤣🤣🤣 did you saw the rubber orthopedic hand and the tinfoil gun? Ridiculous 😂😂😂 that fire was made out of the same technology as Pitfighter or Primal Rage 😂😂😂

  3. isco cruz

    isco cruz56 minuter sedan

    Solo espero que no sea exclusivo temporal


    REFEReNCIATimme sedan

    Minecraft 2 looks wild

  5. Киса

    Киса3 timmar sedan

    I was interested when it was still mysterious.... they really shouldn't have spoiled the entire game lol.

  6. daysErlock

    daysErlock4 timmar sedan

    Graphics are great but I do worry about the framerate from what they have shown

  7. Tom Lafleur

    Tom Lafleur4 timmar sedan

    You can't allow this and cancel Day's Gone ...

  8. Nick Schneider

    Nick Schneider5 timmar sedan

    Wow. Another game about a religious nut job. ..how original.

  9. Thicc Aise

    Thicc Aise5 timmar sedan

    The title should be Adopted

  10. Cristian Aranda

    Cristian Aranda6 timmar sedan

    The new silent hills

  11. Rodrigo Chávez

    Rodrigo Chávez6 timmar sedan

    Let's be honest, this trailer deserves more dislikes.


    GAMER BR NOOB GAMES7 timmar sedan

    20fps 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Lundberg Drums

    Lundberg Drums8 timmar sedan

    How the heck does this have one million views? Everything about it looks terrible. And they didnt show anything!! I dont get it. Looks really bad and the voice doesnt fit at all

  14. Mr. Smithy

    Mr. Smithy8 timmar sedan

    That's a lot to imagine lady, and very specific too.

  15. jelaninoel

    jelaninoel9 timmar sedan

    Cant trust the visuals until i see game play. I am interested in a realistic looking survival game though. They always look like they were made by a team of like 4 people😅

  16. Nojus 512

    Nojus 5129 timmar sedan

    I think they filmed this video in outside not from PS5

  17. Ibrahim Pallikkal

    Ibrahim Pallikkal10 timmar sedan

    Narrator: you don’t have nothing to survive, your a prey. Me: there must be lion 🦁 or tiger 🐯,

  18. Kynte

    Kynte11 timmar sedan

    1:10 the smoke looks Next Gen to me

  19. discojoe3

    discojoe311 timmar sedan

    Terrible writing and voice acting.

  20. Cozwantsthatpie

    Cozwantsthatpie11 timmar sedan

    I hope this game has a VR option cause that would be amazing

  21. BrittanyMW bright ancient light

    BrittanyMW bright ancient light12 timmar sedan

    Ok but what do you do.......

  22. Alphaman 27

    Alphaman 2712 timmar sedan

    Snoop Dogg would’ve made this trailer🔥

  23. The Wolf

    The Wolf12 timmar sedan

    This has to be one of the worse trailers I have ever seen haha

  24. Michele hrustic

    Michele hrustic12 timmar sedan

    Tanti chiacchiere e niente fatti

  25. Bald_Leprechaun

    Bald_Leprechaun13 timmar sedan

    How many games do we need that starts out "you wake up and you don't know where you are or how you got there?" Devs at lest one more. We only have three thousand that starts like that.


    GHOST IN THE SHELL13 timmar sedan

    Why does she sound like a almost crying histerical woman?

  27. Torn

    Torn14 timmar sedan

    Anyone notice the date? Look again. Q

  28. Toxichammertoe

    Toxichammertoe14 timmar sedan

    Corny and Basura👎👎👎👎👎

  29. Hitler El Paladin

    Hitler El Paladin14 timmar sedan

    Indie on 15 Fps

  30. Rupert Jung

    Rupert Jung15 timmar sedan

    And this is why there are professional voice actors.

  31. Franzus Gütlus

    Franzus Gütlus15 timmar sedan

    Devs: early in developement Also devs: Q4 2021 Me: suuuuuuuure...

  32. Jercy Justice

    Jercy Justice16 timmar sedan

    every unity kiddo can recreate this within a day includuding the voiceover.

  33. Max Johansson

    Max Johansson17 timmar sedan

    Tbh looks bad, but who knows. If this is 70-80$ pass

  34. Luke D

    Luke D22 timmar sedan

    This is better with no sound

  35. D M

    D M22 timmar sedan

    Jim Ryan's PS5 era is looking really promising...

  36. Gatut Raditya

    Gatut Raditya22 timmar sedan

    Kojima's game?

  37. Me7sn Art

    Me7sn Art23 timmar sedan

    Well, clearly they’ve abandoned searching for an actual voice actor to read a script and just picked some random person from their list of employees.

  38. BIG! Kabuto

    BIG! Kabuto23 timmar sedan


  39. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDag sedan

    The fact that their budget is so low they couldn’t hire a decent person to speak concerns me

  40. loga5140 loga5140

    loga5140 loga5140Dag sedan

    The lighting is strange... zero contrast between the shadows and the light, just one bland shade of foggy greyness...

  41. Lambert Christophe

    Lambert ChristopheDag sedan

    IN CO-OP PLEASE ! A game like that , nead à co-op mode period.

  42. Dawid M

    Dawid MDag sedan

    Best graphic ever.

  43. Diddler on the roof

    Diddler on the roofDag sedan

    I'm super intrigued mainly due to this hit my nostalgia feels hard (I grew up in a wooded area like this and winter was my favorite season and how it made the trees and sky look exactly like this)

  44. Theobserver m

    Theobserver mDag sedan

    F game is horrible. 🤮

  45. Niko Szmkow

    Niko SzmkowDag sedan

    Mucho texto.

  46. S.Rhodie

    S.RhodieDag sedan

    When you order resident evil 8 off wish

  47. Mokats

    MokatsDag sedan

    seee the problem with the voice over that it sounds like it was recorded ON TOP/OVER the video rather than INSIDE WITH the video . if that makes any sense

  48. TheBleuWolf

    TheBleuWolfDag sedan

    “While we don’t want to go through the full gameplay details just yet, we want to give you a glimpse of what to expect.” _shows trees, more trees, then lots of other trees that are the same tree_

  49. B G

    B GDag sedan

    I can smell the cheese...iness

  50. Sean Camacho

    Sean CamachoDag sedan


  51. Alex Smith

    Alex SmithDag sedan

    Voiceover and writing are awful.

  52. Eslam Wehba

    Eslam WehbaDag sedan

    You've got nothing to survive no i have a gun

  53. alida flus

    alida flusDag sedan

    Imagine waking up and thinking wow I can't wait to play that game where you wander around in the woods until you starve to death or get eaten or both

  54. Alex Souliere

    Alex SouliereDag sedan

    I hope this big foot in this game😍😍

  55. McDudes

    McDudesDag sedan

    this is an audio book?

  56. alida flus

    alida flusDag sedan

    😂 oh my! that voice over was terrible. Should’ve asked me to do it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  57. ReGuech

    ReGuechDag sedan

    The voice.. makes me support the idea of the game. ABANDONED.

  58. Daniel Castañeda

    Daniel CastañedaDag sedan

    The narration feels like my sister recorded some random improvisation in the bathroom and publish it on whatsapp

  59. Rashura

    RashuraDag sedan

    "Gameplay reveal coming soon" 2 seconds after showing gameplay....

  60. Joachim Huveneers

    Joachim HuveneersDag sedan

    Hm, dutch person who speaks english is a bit meh...

  61. Tad Fernandez

    Tad FernandezDag sedan

    That sounds like a scary stuff

  62. Pau Mena

    Pau MenaDag sedan

    So, Days Gone 2 exchanged for that. Nah thank u

  63. Hermit Chad

    Hermit ChadDag sedan

    terrible narration.

  64. ShiJie 12311

    ShiJie 12311Dag sedan

    so this is a Far Cry rip off

  65. Adam Wiśniewski

    Adam WiśniewskiDag sedan

    Human eye can only see...

  66. Setsuna Marina

    Setsuna MarinaDag sedan

    that was the worst voice-over teaser ever... do we really need this? i prefer Days Gone 2 over this.

  67. Majin R

    Majin RDag sedan

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  68. 秋山駿

    秋山駿Dag sedan

    Teaser: Q4 2021!!! Real Life: Summer 2022, we are having a little delay problem.. Also Real Life: Abandoned project abandoned.

  69. Captain Peanut

    Captain PeanutDag sedan

    A trailer for the PS3 and PSVITA stores

  70. Jayesh Pandey

    Jayesh PandeyDag sedan

    i really hate how i am a pc Gamer and cannot play these games because i dont have enough money🥺🥺🥺🥺

  71. Aaryaman Joshi

    Aaryaman JoshiDag sedan

    y'all really thought you did something huh

  72. Benie WITHDAHOOD

    Benie WITHDAHOODDag sedan

    😂 oh my! that voice over was terrible. Should’ve asked me to do it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  73. Danny B

    Danny BDag sedan

    That's the worst thing I've heard since tidus laugh

  74. Rohan Natraj

    Rohan NatrajDag sedan

    the narration makes me wanna force my goosebumps to appear.

  75. ElvisK

    ElvisKDag sedan

    That’s some bargain bin voice-over.

  76. Dropkick Molotov

    Dropkick MolotovDag sedan


  77. Kr Marluxia

    Kr MarluxiaDag sedan

    Me: Daga Kotowaru

  78. Man_With_Questions

    Man_With_QuestionsDag sedan

    Looks boring

  79. Lars Larzo

    Lars LarzoDag sedan

    Faith seed? Is that you?

  80. pida siouy

    pida siouy2 dagar sedan

    Narrated background trees: the game.

  81. Mae Havoc

    Mae Havoc2 dagar sedan

    Did she just describe outlast 2?

  82. Sky Drone

    Sky Drone2 dagar sedan

    PS4 logo

  83. Snaccs Gaming

    Snaccs Gaming2 dagar sedan

    With no big camera crew following us around im joined only by my fellow investigator Nick Groff and our equipment tech Aaron Goodwin.

  84. pida siouy

    pida siouy2 dagar sedan


  85. SuzanoSho

    SuzanoSho2 dagar sedan

    They must have hired the same voice actor that was used for the shadow elf in that Dragon Prince cartoon...

  86. Sam Searle

    Sam Searle2 dagar sedan

    That narration is horrendous

  87. Diogo Jair

    Diogo Jair2 dagar sedan


  88. Jon F

    Jon F2 dagar sedan

    Everything looks photo realistic...until the smoke, the gun and then hand.

  89. demonbre

    demonbre2 dagar sedan

    I'm getting some Outlast 2 vibes... Also, they should've used Tommy Wisseau for the voice over.

  90. S_Jimenez

    S_Jimenez2 dagar sedan

    Running at 20fps

  91. Coe bee

    Coe bee2 dagar sedan

    Very realistic 😐

  92. Shayaan Hasnain

    Shayaan Hasnain2 dagar sedan

    Sony better fire whoever made this Trailer

  93. accompanyON

    accompanyON2 dagar sedan

    It's like they forgot to hire someone for the voiceover then panicked and did it themselves

  94. Cybernet Systems

    Cybernet Systems2 dagar sedan

    "Worst voiceover... EVER!!!"

  95. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk2 dagar sedan

    Pass... Anything under 60fps hurts my eyes nowadays

  96. redpepperdave

    redpepperdave2 dagar sedan

    Shut up Meg...

  97. Dams Tobi

    Dams Tobi2 dagar sedan

    Sérieux la qualité est ouf ... mais merde la fumée du feu de camp 🤣🤣🤣

  98. Joaco Damasco

    Joaco Damasco2 dagar sedan

    Resident Evil 7: Blair Witch returns

  99. John Wick

    John Wick2 dagar sedan


  100. Eli

    Eli2 dagar sedan


  101. Ruined Jason

    Ruined Jason2 dagar sedan

    That voiceover is cringe