Kena: Bridge of Spirits - State of Play Trailer | PS5, PS4

A story-driven action adventure with a stunning visual aesthetic combining exploration with fast-paced combat. Players find and grow a team of charming spirit companions called the Rot, enhancing their abilities and creating new ways to manipulate the environment.
Kena: Bridge of Spirits seamlessly blends action and narrative into an unforgettable experience. Travel with Kena, a young Spirit Guide on a quest to uncover the mysterious story surrounding the demise of the village.


  1. Jboogz

    Jboogz9 timmar sedan

    Now looking back at this trailer this game looks trash

  2. HeyWhatANicePlaceYaGot

    HeyWhatANicePlaceYaGot10 timmar sedan

    Isn't this the person who made the Majora's Mask trailer

  3. Kyreem

    KyreemDag sedan

    This is a whole Pixar game and I'm all for it!

  4. Electro Duck

    Electro Duck2 dagar sedan

    Does it have dungeons with puzzles?

  5. Anas elk

    Anas elk2 dagar sedan

    Is there is another trailer coming for this game ?

  6. Aniq Ahmad

    Aniq Ahmad3 dagar sedan

    This is luciferian teaching of spirit worship it's dangerous to the point even video game are now taught this abomination well what you can say about being brainwashed.

  7. Rusty Haskins

    Rusty Haskins13 timmar sedan

    Please be bait, please be bait, please be bait.

  8. Richard Harrow

    Richard Harrow3 dagar sedan

    Looks awesome!

  9. Dave Lewandoski

    Dave Lewandoski3 dagar sedan

    Which one would be better to get, the PS4 version or the PS5 version? Is there any differences between the versions that anyone can see?

  10. Dave Lewandoski

    Dave Lewandoski6 timmar sedan

    @Rusty Haskins I hope so! :)

  11. Rusty Haskins

    Rusty Haskins7 timmar sedan

    @Dave Lewandoski Sony is hoping to allow expanded SSD by this summer. Hopefully it will be out when this game comes out in August.

  12. Dave Lewandoski

    Dave Lewandoski8 timmar sedan

    @Rusty Haskins Ok, thanks. I'm debating on which version to get since I've heard that the PS5 system's space has a limited amount for games (about 15 I think I heard), so I'm trying to be careful of the amount of games I want to get on the PS5 whenever I can get one; I'm up to about 7 choices including this game already, lol. :)

  13. Rusty Haskins

    Rusty Haskins13 timmar sedan

    PS5 will probably be more enhanced with Ray Tracing. Other than that, no one has played or reviewed it yet. So know clue.

  14. PixiePlays

    PixiePlays3 dagar sedan

    FINALLY a game of actual asian ppl :D

  15. ☆Quartz Universe☆

    ☆Quartz Universe☆3 dagar sedan

    Rule 34 artist finna go crazy.

  16. Wioth

    Wioth4 dagar sedan

    disney + pixar + action adventure game = kena :D

  17. AFoxNamedSean

    AFoxNamedSean4 dagar sedan

    The game looks like if Insomniac and Pixar had a baby, and this was the result. What trying to say is I'm looking forward to it!

  18. Diego De Francesco Melo

    Diego De Francesco Melo6 dagar sedan

    How does it look so much like a Disney movie? That's incredible

  19. Robin Orio

    Robin Orio6 dagar sedan

    this game look incredible !!! can't wait

  20. Axhan

    Axhan6 dagar sedan


  21. Oren Elharrar

    Oren Elharrar7 dagar sedan


  22. Signature_S

    Signature_S7 dagar sedan

    horizon zero dawn Lite but seems fun.

  23. Phil Drake

    Phil Drake7 dagar sedan

    Looks like a Pixar movie wow

  24. Kuba Krzempek

    Kuba Krzempek7 dagar sedan

    Go to a shady area, fight the boss, the area will bloom. Looks like Prince of Persia 2008. This is gonna be awesome!

  25. Troita

    Troita9 dagar sedan

    el juego parece bueno, pero me parece una copia mala del zelda

  26. Tua Pui Kia

    Tua Pui Kia9 dagar sedan

    Dust bunnies from Totoro?

  27. Pioootr

    Pioootr9 dagar sedan

    Now this makes me exhilarated!

  28. HorrorPills

    HorrorPills10 dagar sedan

    Next gen confirmed.


    THE KID OF LINK AND ZELDA10 dagar sedan

    What is that cute little thing

  30. Mona Chan

    Mona Chan10 dagar sedan

    This looks exactly like that DreamWorks movie that just came out

  31. Ridiculously Overpowered Super God King

    Ridiculously Overpowered Super God King11 dagar sedan

    If Pixar did video games.

  32. Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson11 dagar sedan

    Art style gives me tak and the power of juju vibes and I’m loving it

  33. Cornelis Gräper

    Cornelis Gräper12 dagar sedan

    I feel like this is gonna be the best thing since Skyrim.

  34. Dennis Zz

    Dennis Zz13 dagar sedan


  35. sinkiy

    sinkiy13 dagar sedan

    I’m getting Raya and the last dragon vibes big time. I can’t wait to play this beautiful game. I only wish it would be on PS5 but I can’t find one yet.

  36. Wizard

    Wizard14 dagar sedan

    It seems like something between Ori and Horizon

  37. A Gucci

    A Gucci14 dagar sedan

    Such a spiritual game! I love you.

  38. Jake rainicorn

    Jake rainicorn14 dagar sedan

    Raya after her dad turned to stone.


    ARTOROBOTO {TV}14 dagar sedan

    Now this is what I consider as truly NEXT GEN this looks like you are playing a Pixar movie


    ARTOROBOTO {TV}8 dagar sedan

    @Joe SEtoos but it definitely looks next gen both this game and ratchet and clank right apart look like playable Pixar movies

  41. Joe Youtube

    Joe Youtube8 dagar sedan

    This isn’t truly NEXT GEN. It’s on PS4.

  42. Nuno Pimenta

    Nuno Pimenta14 dagar sedan

    don’t need to play any more.


    MARSTONSITO16 dagar sedan

    coming soon to PS Plus? 🤔

  44. Charles Abraham

    Charles Abraham16 dagar sedan

    There are still some idiots who disliked this video


    AMÉ DAMIAN17 dagar sedan

    Apa apa Kena dulu

  46. The_Innocent_ OneWho

    The_Innocent_ OneWho17 dagar sedan

    If you could play a Disney movie

  47. jwm0z

    jwm0z17 dagar sedan

    How I imagine Zelda if it wasn’t on crappy switch

  48. ً

    ً18 dagar sedan

    so same

  49. alusa

    alusa18 dagar sedan

    Ese sentimiento a Ori que me da este juego me hace esperarlo con ansias...

  50. roller4312

    roller431218 dagar sedan


  51. Othonas K

    Othonas K18 dagar sedan

    Ori and the blind forest vibes

  52. Devilchu

    Devilchu19 dagar sedan

    This game looks and feels like a combination of several games I love from the past. Mainly the Ori games(the music, ambience, use of colors) and Horizon: Zero Dawn(gameplay).

  53. GaelRayman1994

    GaelRayman199419 dagar sedan

    Finally ! 1M views for this trailer ! :o The hype is real for Kena ! I'm happy^^

  54. Medi Rudiantoni

    Medi Rudiantoni19 dagar sedan

    Keren cuk

  55. James Skinner

    James Skinner20 dagar sedan

    This looks incredible

  56. Golden Key Group

    Golden Key Group20 dagar sedan

    2022 fall..

  57. 3dgba fan

    3dgba fan21 dag sedan

    zelda botw copy

  58. Dr. Midnight

    Dr. Midnight21 dag sedan

    beautiful game. cant wait!!!!

  59. Scynar

    Scynar23 dagar sedan

    Must we wait? This game is too beautiful! It's honestly amazing, can't wait to experience it for myself!

  60. Leo Pekka

    Leo Pekka23 dagar sedan

    I can't wait that game, Im so hype for that🔥🔥

  61. DragonWarrior7771

    DragonWarrior777124 dagar sedan

    Looks great! Gave me Horizon Zero Dawn mixed with a Disney movie vibes

  62. dark and ultra sonic sonic

    dark and ultra sonic sonic24 dagar sedan

    2020 battle planet

  63. dark and ultra sonic sonic

    dark and ultra sonic sonic24 dagar sedan

    Bakugan defender of the core

  64. Tricouleur

    Tricouleur24 dagar sedan

    I’ll keep this Pixar like game in my watchlist. I hope the it isn’t too short and there’s a huge world to explore.

  65. Duplex Cherry

    Duplex Cherry23 dagar sedan

    It's a 6 hour game

  66. GTI Bro

    GTI Bro25 dagar sedan


  67. Crimson Viper

    Crimson Viper25 dagar sedan

    The legend of zelda ocarina of time and twilight princess remake like this please 🥺

  68. Evian Hurtado

    Evian Hurtado25 dagar sedan

    This game looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  69. ذبیح الله پاکدل

    ذبیح الله پاکدل26 dagar sedan

    ❤ I wait for this game ❤

  70. Gabriel

    Gabriel26 dagar sedan

    It looks amazing!

  71. Arthur Marques

    Arthur Marques27 dagar sedan

    Nice! But when will Ps Now be available in Brazil? And the multiplayer online without Ps Plus?

  72. I’m a Llama

    I’m a Llama27 dagar sedan

    Okay…this game looks cool. The animation looks straight out of a Pixar film, and the environments look great. Plus that bit at the end might mean that the game might have some darker tones

  73. Rin Doujin

    Rin Doujin27 dagar sedan

    The music got legend of korra vibes

  74. Nimbvs Alex

    Nimbvs Alex27 dagar sedan

    This game looks like a pixar film dope

  75. Bryant McMillan

    Bryant McMillan28 dagar sedan

    If only Sony studios would release games of this quality on PS5...

  76. chopinist1810

    chopinist181028 dagar sedan

    This feels vaguely pacific/polynesian.

  77. Raffaele Agliano'

    Raffaele Agliano'28 dagar sedan

    pls i just bought immortal fenyx rising and you're releasing this

  78. Skyler Coleman

    Skyler Coleman28 dagar sedan

    Not even out yet and already a masterpiece. This is why I play playstation.

  79. Michael M.

    Michael M.29 dagar sedan

    I think when she puts the mask on the is not herself but rather the guardian Spirit between Worlds that helps lost souls to "move on". In this state its not Kena. Im calling it.

  80. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk29 dagar sedan

    trailer gameplay: _Legend Of Zelda_ actual gameplay: *_DARK SOULS_*

  81. ETIZEO

    ETIZEO29 dagar sedan

    Fun fact this better than Disney

  82. Prithwi Raj Chakraborty

    Prithwi Raj ChakrabortyMånad sedan

    Is it coming to ps 4 slim?

  83. Super Blaster

    Super BlasterMånad sedan

    Is this exclusive

  84. AntionBaka

    AntionBakaMånad sedan


  85. The Warcraft Lounge

    The Warcraft LoungeMånad sedan

    I feel so blessed that I live in a time where I can play what could only be described as a Pixar movie.

  86. hamza

    hamzaMånad sedan

    Wonderful game 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  87. Stefan Hatcher

    Stefan HatcherMånad sedan

    Just this one exclusive looks better than everything on Xbox Gamepass combined

  88. Fobeo Potent

    Fobeo PotentMånad sedan

    The way those cute things follow kena and help her reminds me of pikmin

  89. IGOONX

    IGOONXMånad sedan

    I'm glad it’s coming on ps4 as well, even though it’s better to try it on ps5 but I can’t afford it yet... but this looks promising and beautiful.

  90. kSwissh007

    kSwissh007Månad sedan

    im getting raya and the last dragon vibes with this game!!!! 😱🐉

  91. kSwissh007

    kSwissh007Månad sedan

    @I Wouldn't Like Me Either lol movie is awesome tho wym?!??

  92. I Wouldn't Like Me Either

    I Wouldn't Like Me EitherMånad sedan

    To bad this game was made before that trash film

  93. kSwissh007

    kSwissh007Månad sedan

    overwatch character finally getting a solo game!!! lol

  94. Vidya Shanmugasundaram

    Vidya ShanmugasundaramMånad sedan

    It's like raya and the last dragon movie

  95. Wright Family

    Wright FamilyMånad sedan

    Does anyone know if its going to be digital only or will there be a physical copy of it to

  96. I Wouldn't Like Me Either

    I Wouldn't Like Me EitherMånad sedan

    Bruh what games comes out only digitally are you stupid

  97. Outlaw Gamer

    Outlaw GamerMånad sedan

    i cant wait to play this. i might stream it

  98. john crickett

    john crickettMånad sedan

    Can't believe how gorgeous this game looks

  99. mike jackson

    mike jacksonMånad sedan

    Everyone: "Oh how cute and beautiful" Me: Looking around for a gun or knife to kill something

  100. jana Krickova

    jana KrickovaMånad sedan

    Kena tuto hru musím mít.

  101. God Ofwar

    God OfwarMånad sedan

    The little girl it’s looks like in Godzilla vs kong who can understand Kong sign.

  102. Cbrzzzy

    CbrzzzyMånad sedan

    Looks dopee

  103. Matthew Rivera

    Matthew RiveraMånad sedan

    Dude straight up.... Reminds me a bit of how Tak on the gamecube played. So weird.

  104. urakarenn

    urakarennMånad sedan

    This is awesome. This is what I want from western game, a cartoony 3D game. Super tired of so many realistic 3D games. I'm down if their next project is "Raya and The Last Dragon: The Game."

  105. Cero

    Cero9 dagar sedan

    Yeah I agree, I'm getting tired of super realistic boring Western games so this is a bit of a breath of fresh air.

  106. I Wouldn't Like Me Either

    I Wouldn't Like Me EitherMånad sedan

    Calm down 5 year old child 👶

  107. Monkey FunkR

    Monkey FunkRMånad sedan

    Awesome, so pumped for this!!

  108. Micquan Dawson

    Micquan DawsonMånad sedan

    Ima get this for pc :D and I have feeling they moved it to August so they don’t have any competition xD

  109. Dias Umyshev

    Dias UmyshevMånad sedan

    Looks like mix of fable, ori

  110. Time Rider

    Time RiderMånad sedan

    Looks fun

  111. Dylan Newell

    Dylan NewellMånad sedan

    Cant wait to see how many times the release date is pushed back..

  112. cChinno

    cChinnoMånad sedan

    Everything about this game looks great except the gameplay. Looks a bit boring and slow to Me, hope it proves me wrong. I’m finding it hard to believe it’ll only cost $40 tho

  113. kapkanhead

    kapkanheadMånad sedan

    жопичу понравилось, тока пс5 он не купит, эх