Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate - Final Round: RaichuTQ on Erron Black | PS Competition Center

Watch, Play, Learn:
RaichuTQ joins Ketchup and Mustard to talk tags, Revolver Ocelot, and custom move variations.
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Rated Mature



    INJUN OFFICIAL10 dagar sedan

    Show Erron's broken hitboxes too! Lol his running dropkick smacks you right out of the air. Gg nrs.

  2. Gaming With Cov

    Gaming With Cov10 dagar sedan

    You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

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    No other Like my own skin11 dagar sedan

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  4. Dave Lloyd

    Dave Lloyd11 dagar sedan

    The dude with the suit had me 😭 Come on. Why do that for us to just laugh at the guy?

  5. iN8k

    iN8k11 dagar sedan

    I love how you can’t even share a hashtag iN a comment section without SEtoos or the channel itself removiNg/filteriNg it, such a sad time, people have too much control over how people network through the iNternet aka THE WORLDWIDE WEB

  6. Dayron Humberto

    Dayron Humberto11 dagar sedan

    Everson Zoio?

  7. criminal rushi

    criminal rushi11 dagar sedan

    Please support me plzz

  8. Johnny Martinez

    Johnny Martinez12 dagar sedan


  9. Derek Ho 2013's

    Derek Ho 2013's12 dagar sedan

    Eb game collection

  10. TallulahSoie

    TallulahSoie12 dagar sedan

    Make a separate channel for this trash.

  11. A MIHOKYT 878

    A MIHOKYT 87812 dagar sedan

    أريد بلاي ستيشن مجاني 😭😭

  12. Shinteresting

    Shinteresting12 dagar sedan

    I thought that was the EB games guy

  13. Yuzu-kun

    Yuzu-kun12 dagar sedan

    Sony hates his legacy.

  14. Tiago Vanz

    Tiago Vanz12 dagar sedan

    Where is kp3

  15. Goiaba Seu madruga

    Goiaba Seu madruga12 dagar sedan

    Everson zoio?

  16. concise-property

    concise-property12 dagar sedan

    Third early

  17. Josef19Dz

    Josef19Dz12 dagar sedan

    Thaks mustard and cetchup


    •CAIO BR GAMES•12 dagar sedan

    only 10 comments? Wow


    CONT COMET12 dagar sedan

    Lol no wonder no one watches these

  20. Gaming With Cov

    Gaming With Cov12 dagar sedan

    You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

  21. Momazos Sebas

    Momazos Sebas12 dagar sedan

    Xbox us best

  22. Ôkåÿgę Rēpłïêd

    Ôkåÿgę Rēpłïêd12 dagar sedan


  23. NRG Minty

    NRG Minty12 dagar sedan


  24. NACHO7000 N

    NACHO7000 N12 dagar sedan

    CUARTOOOOOOOO, soy de Argentina quiero comprarme el MK11 Ultimate, pero la oferta solo esta para MK11

  25. Maria Perez

    Maria Perez12 dagar sedan


  26. NACHO7000 N

    NACHO7000 N12 dagar sedan

    Tercera en realidad

  27. Josue Jeremias

    Josue Jeremias12 dagar sedan

    Second early

  28. la quesadilla virtual

    la quesadilla virtual12 dagar sedan