Mortal Kombat 11 : Monthly Finals NA : PS4 Tournaments Open Series

Go head to head live on the Competition Center!! Challengers wanted.
Mortal Kombat 11 :​
Competition Center :​
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle :​
Soulcalibur VI :​
UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] :​

#MK11​ #PS4Tournaments​ #MortalKombat


  1. Yves Brandao

    Yves BrandaoMånad sedan

    Uh these guys talk too much.

  2. Werewolfnips Wolf89

    Werewolfnips Wolf89Månad sedan

    What happened to the brothers that use to be the hosts

  3. Anthony Echols

    Anthony EcholsMånad sedan

    Jax is 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 please buff

  4. Anthony Echols

    Anthony EcholsMånad sedan

    Monkey cold but Jax🗑🗑🗑

  5. IvyZ Gaming Magic Chess

    IvyZ Gaming Magic ChessMånad sedan

    i like these duo, but left guy need to talk more and right guy need to give the left guy more space

  6. little dude from across the street

    little dude from across the street29 dagar sedan


  7. George Lyombo

    George LyomboMånad sedan

    I prefer the left guy. The right guy talks too much

  8. halofornoobs93

    halofornoobs93Månad sedan

    Tweedy still stuck in March 2019. There's a reason he struggles again actual pro kompetition players. They all know how his Geras is played at this point. He will do fine against rando's in the weekly tournaments, but he's never gonna make it far in the pro league.

  9. little dude from across the street

    little dude from across the street29 dagar sedan

    @Kiriu Xeosa ikr

  10. Kiriu Xeosa

    Kiriu XeosaMånad sedan

    He likes to play what hes comfortable with which is fine but as you said hes become predictable which leaves him 2 options: Either stop playing Geras and learn a new character or step out of your comfort zone and start crafting some new tactics and playing methods with Geras to the point you're no longer predictable

  11. daniel CØRÏNGÅ

    daniel CØRÏNGÅMånad sedan


  12. daniel CØRÏNGÅ

    daniel CØRÏNGÅMånad sedan

    Queria um PS4

  13. علی اکبر عربان

    علی اکبر عربانMånad sedan


  14. Nelson Cabrera Gutiérrez

    Nelson Cabrera GutiérrezMånad sedan

    These tournaments are getting boring watching Cetrion all the time.

  15. George Lyombo

    George LyomboMånad sedan

    @the.great.below. there are few Cetrion in EU but they don't do too much. It's either they are new to the character or other pro knows how to kounter her

  16. the.great.below.

    the.great.below.Månad sedan

    I'm from the NA region, but the EU tourny is a much better watch.

  17. ARM

    ARMMånad sedan

    I agree especially the NA tournament

  18. Santiago Osorio Iglesias

    Santiago Osorio IglesiasMånad sedan

    playstation puede poner a friday night funkin' para ps5

  19. Sohan K M

    Sohan K MMånad sedan

    day 25 asking for free ps5

  20. ??????

    ??????18 dagar sedan

    It wont happen lol

  21. Linh Nguyễn

    Linh NguyễnMånad sedan

    Chán sony free thì free games hay hay free games chán òm

  22. double cheeseburger ibo

    double cheeseburger iboMånad sedan

    Ow men Graphics legend I was really amazed

  23. otaku947

    otaku947Månad sedan

    hey i would also like to play mortal kombat , but I don't have money to buy it :c

  24. Dav[e]id Bello

    Dav[e]id BelloMånad sedan

    Mortal Kombat is a boring game to watch. Can’t wait for something better. Hopefully Tekken 7, Street Fighter or SoulCaliburVI.

  25. ARM

    ARMMånad sedan

    No one cares about your opinion Daveid you can watch whatever you want

  26. Singh Sahab

    Singh SahabMånad sedan

    @Itsyaboyburgos right ...

  27. Itsyaboyburgos

    ItsyaboyburgosMånad sedan

    I bet you haven't even played the game once

  28. Itsyaboyburgos

    ItsyaboyburgosMånad sedan


  29. must nouni mimi

    must nouni mimiMånad sedan


  30. Kurd Games Fans

    Kurd Games FansMånad sedan


  31. Mathias G.

    Mathias G.Månad sedan

    DOA is so much better..

  32. •D A N R E X

    •D A N R E XMånad sedan

    Dame corazón ptm


    DONUTMANTVMånad sedan


  34. xml dex

    xml dexMånad sedan

    sony you're ruining the ps3 community by store service closures

  35. the.great.below.

    the.great.below.Månad sedan

    @Bman 84 You completely missed every bodies point, but, it doesn't matter. Have a great life!

  36. Bman 84

    Bman 84Månad sedan

    @the.great.below. you can still play all those games on your ps3.... All PS4 games purchased are all right there on your ps5.

  37. the.great.below.

    the.great.below.Månad sedan

    @Bman 84 Where are you going to download the PS3 games you paid for once the store is closed?

  38. xml dex

    xml dexMånad sedan

    @the.great.below. I don't have money, I'm from Mexico, from a very poor state

  39. xml dex

    xml dexMånad sedan

    @Erfan R. Sorry I live in Latin America and the economy is getting worse and worse.

  40. Silentbydeadly

    SilentbydeadlyMånad sedan

    Can you play this game in tournaments on the Playstaion 5 does anybody know? Like this tournament?

  41. Lordzee

    LordzeeMånad sedan

    Considering there’s no ps5 upgrade, I’m sure you can play on the ps5

  42. VANdrei

    VANdreiMånad sedan

    Ps4 only

  43. Just Flossa

    Just FlossaMånad sedan

    i think

  44. Lamborghini Aventador

    Lamborghini AventadorMånad sedan

    I love PlayStation 👍

  45. Kiriu Xeosa

    Kiriu XeosaMånad sedan


  46. Lamborghini Aventador

    Lamborghini AventadorMånad sedan

    Xbox trash


    VALTER CLIPSMånad sedan


  48. Michael Rust

    Michael RustMånad sedan

    Lol one comment

  49. Holy Homie 420

    Holy Homie 420Månad sedan