Mortal Kombat 11 : Weekly Invitational EU : PS4 Tournaments Open Series

Go head to head live on the Competition Center!! Challengers wanted.
Mortal Kombat 11 :
Competition Center :
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle :
Soulcalibur VI :

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  1. PSN: JayJonsey84 a.k.a. LiLhToThEiZzO

    PSN: JayJonsey84 a.k.a. LiLhToThEiZzO4 dagar sedan

    @25:43 "Terminatedddddd!!!!!.....................TERMINATEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN-DUN, DUN, DUN-DUN" might be the best commentary in the history of MK11

  2. Luven Pelagius

    Luven Pelagius5 dagar sedan

    That Kung Lao did not deserve the win against Hitman

  3. George Lyombo

    George Lyombo5 dagar sedan

    Is there a mk 11 tournament without Cetrion being played?

  4. PSN: JayJonsey84 a.k.a. LiLhToThEiZzO

    PSN: JayJonsey84 a.k.a. LiLhToThEiZzO4 dagar sedan

    Nope...Not ever...never...ever

  5. Burak Sabancı

    Burak Sabancı5 dagar sedan

    the best of the game murko murko i love murko and murko you scorpion

  6. Anthony Velez

    Anthony Velez6 dagar sedan

    Liar. I'll heard you'll be making an update to make obsolete the PS3-4. If it's true then you are monopolizing too much.

  7. S13 Gaming

    S13 Gaming6 dagar sedan

    Remove that trash Rambo from this game.

  8. Ismail Demir

    Ismail Demir7 dagar sedan

    MK11 is slower game than MKXL. How many times get they hit by Scorpion's flip kick! Poor players!!!

  9. Najib Azmi

    Najib Azmi6 dagar sedan

    Came for makoran's skarlet. Sadly got avatar skarlet instead

  10. Jerry Griffin

    Jerry Griffin6 dagar sedan

    @Ismail Demir go worship MKXL

  11. Ismail Demir

    Ismail Demir6 dagar sedan

    @Jerry Griffin Raiden's Hammer Fists - 19 frames, Sub-Zero's Double Axe Slam 19 frames. In MKXL Kotal's overhead sword strike 17 frames etc. Flip Kick 22 FRAMES! and they getting hit over and over.

  12. Jerry Griffin

    Jerry Griffin7 dagar sedan

    If mk11 is so much slower then no one should be getting hit with by that flip kick

  13. Editor Guy

    Editor Guy7 dagar sedan

    Whoever sees this message will be blessed with luck...

  14. Redguard Spy

    Redguard Spy7 dagar sedan

    Quality stream

  15. IMRAN FF

    IMRAN FF7 dagar sedan


  16. kuhnke ta

    kuhnke ta7 dagar sedan

    I too

  17. Big Papa Kahn

    Big Papa Kahn7 dagar sedan

    Netherrealm Studios fix Shao Khan you buffoons.

  18. hfjejjeiei

    hfjejjeiei7 dagar sedan

    @Big Papa Kahn 😁

  19. Big Papa Kahn

    Big Papa Kahn7 dagar sedan

    @hfjejjeiei 😄

  20. hfjejjeiei

    hfjejjeiei7 dagar sedan

    @Big Papa Kahn Pretender

  21. Big Papa Kahn

    Big Papa Kahn7 dagar sedan

    @hfjejjeiei Fool

  22. hfjejjeiei

    hfjejjeiei7 dagar sedan

    Stfu Shao you ain't the real Kahn kotal is

  23. Chris G

    Chris G7 dagar sedan

    They are lucky I haven't played mk11 lol. I gave gaming a break for a while but thinking about coming back. Mk is calling my name. I loved umk 3 online. Was one of the top ranked people there. I am swear I enjoyed umk3 online much better than the new ones. Was fast pace, had the run button. Just liked how gameplay was.

  24. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali7 dagar sedan

    WOW PS1-PS2-PS3-PS4-PS5

  25. Learn Tube

    Learn Tube7 dagar sedan


  26. Goyo AX

    Goyo AX7 dagar sedan

    Beautiful 🤩