Street Fighter V Champion Edition - Spring Update | PS4

Join the developers of Street Fighter V as they reveal more info on Season 5 Characters including #Rose, #Oro, and #Akira with the SFV Spring Update!


  1. Scott Riddell

    Scott Riddell11 timmar sedan

    I hope that last character can be like several playeble characters at once but that will never be so likely

  2. Vesperitis

    Vesperitis2 dagar sedan

    Is that Angry Joe's Street Fighter board game on the shelf there?!


    DIEGO AGUIRRE3 dagar sedan

    Ladrones un juego incompleto en el que hay que pagar por luchadores como le pueden robar así a la gente capcom perdió la esencia

  4. Stikmi Dikinuras

    Stikmi Dikinuras3 dagar sedan

    Mi sow howny soldier boi

  5. 18 RJ352

    18 RJ3523 dagar sedan

    i really want photo mode

  6. KenjiSylvano

    KenjiSylvano3 dagar sedan

    Where is C.Viper tho

  7. Jesse cortez

    Jesse cortez4 dagar sedan

    Wait if I already have the champion edition do I still gotta buy it or does it come with the champion edition? There's like 3 different bundles and the 5th season alone

  8. Pablo Rey18

    Pablo Rey182 dagar sedan

    Just buy the season 5 premium pass bundle

  9. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly4 dagar sedan

    5.99, 5.99, 9.99 and 19.99. What happened to Street fighter?!

  10. jetti cruz

    jetti cruz4 dagar sedan

    they have the live action movie soundtrack lol. Raul Julia is happy

  11. spider1331

    spider13315 dagar sedan

    --->>>Great version Cap-Jams!!!

  12. こうさか

    こうさか5 dagar sedan


  13. Niko Soviet

    Niko Soviet5 dagar sedan

    The turtle on Oro's head is a really nice touch

  14. Jaya_ Surya_ A

    Jaya_ Surya_ A6 dagar sedan

    Intro: Streetuh fighteruh fivuh...blah blah

  15. Stikmi Dikinuras

    Stikmi Dikinuras6 dagar sedan

    Sucky sucky 10 dowwa

  16. alosheofficial

    alosheofficial6 dagar sedan


  17. UmaiQual

    UmaiQual6 dagar sedan

    If I buy champion edition, will I get all the dlc?

  18. Pablo Rey18

    Pablo Rey182 dagar sedan

    Get the champion edition season 5 premium pass bundle thats 2 for the price of 1

  19. Africa's Top Chart

    Africa's Top Chart6 dagar sedan


  20. Carbon Controller

    Carbon Controller6 dagar sedan

    Necro, Remy , Sean or Makato for the last spot? Any one of those characters please capcom! haha

  21. reedofwater

    reedofwater6 dagar sedan

    They should make an anime starring the SF characters, one where Oro let's loose at the end by using two arms!

  22. Hussein_IQ

    Hussein_IQ6 dagar sedan

    I payet😍

  23. Elias Rangel

    Elias Rangel6 dagar sedan

    Dudley please 🙏

  24. Mario Paulo

    Mario Paulo6 dagar sedan

    Scalpers... Release an incomplete game and then over the years release paid characters and stuff.

  25. Mario Paulo

    Mario Paulo6 dagar sedan

    @AlexanderEiffelI'm just stating my opinion, nothing more... I'm from an era when game were release in a complete form..

  26. AlexanderEiffel

    AlexanderEiffel6 dagar sedan

    It’s called games as a service. Developers keep making content over time on a released game and need to make profit out of it. Not unheard of, and totally optional anyway so calm down my dude

  27. DD CC

    DD CC7 dagar sedan

    Please remake LEGION OF HEROES !

  28. Jules Dedoro

    Jules Dedoro7 dagar sedan

    Street Fighter V CE PS5

  29. Narros Jefferson

    Narros Jefferson7 dagar sedan

    yup 130 year old men still have faster walkspeed then nash.

  30. eneseus M4

    eneseus M47 dagar sedan

    The only people who speak Japanese are all in Japan. Most of the world speaks English.

  31. SuddenSpeed

    SuddenSpeed7 dagar sedan

    Big brain moment

  32. Kyreph83

    Kyreph837 dagar sedan

    23:43 just shattered my expectations, love it!

  33. Jason-Voorhees

    Jason-Voorhees7 dagar sedan

    Master Roshi would wipe the floor with Oro. Imagine having Roshi in SFV. Everyone would be screwed.

  34. nbdante

    nbdante7 dagar sedan

    Can't they just make another Rival Schools already!!

  35. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly4 dagar sedan


  36. Spider-Man

    Spider-Man7 dagar sedan

    Extremely old grand martial arts master who has a turtle. Master Roshi-ish, much?.

  37. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez7 dagar sedan

    Bring back rival schools and project justice!

  38. [-W47-]WarwakZ

    [-W47-]WarwakZ7 dagar sedan

    return of Sodom

  39. Ahmed Sami

    Ahmed Sami7 dagar sedan

    Is the gurl from fortnite

  40. Bowski aws

    Bowski aws7 dagar sedan

    Give Nash a break man, they literally gave Rose his V-Trigger 1 except a million times better... :(

  41. Bloom SosAssLevidiotpuncher

    Bloom SosAssLevidiotpuncher7 dagar sedan

    It's real sad, dat Q ain't returning to SFV.. 😑😔

  42. Bloom SosAssLevidiotpuncher

    Bloom SosAssLevidiotpuncher7 dagar sedan

    @Calamonster Just a theory

  43. Calamonster

    Calamonster7 dagar sedan

    G its Q

  44. Quartet the Kick

    Quartet the Kick7 dagar sedan

    Oro is my most awaited character since SFV came out, so I'm very hype to see some of his stuff here. Akira looks so fun already. Rose looks batshit insane. Dan has already become one of the most fun characters to play in the game. What a season.

  45. Scottie Currie

    Scottie Currie6 dagar sedan

    For real, Rose looks like you will never get tired of her playstyle. I love the luck based characters just as much as the skill based ones

  46. MrMultiNaruto

    MrMultiNaruto7 dagar sedan

    Desk is so gonna crush the game with rose‘s vtrigger 2😱

  47. About Games Entertain

    About Games Entertain7 dagar sedan

    This game and music was perfect !

  48. Relax Bear

    Relax Bear7 dagar sedan

    So Oro wasn't crippled he has two hands all along ?🤔

  49. ZiggyKick92

    ZiggyKick926 dagar sedan

    He never was crippled. He purposely uses one arm to hold back his power in fear of accidentally slaying his opponent.

  50. D1Goku

    D1Goku7 dagar sedan

    When are we getting street fighter 6 on the ps5?

  51. Chris M

    Chris M6 dagar sedan

    @Jysn Facts

  52. Jysn

    Jysn6 dagar sedan

    When everyone starts getting a ps5 and moved on from the ps4. Still not enough people own one, therefore pointless cause it’s in the low minority numbers.

  53. gabriel gonzalez

    gabriel gonzalez7 dagar sedan

    Here is when xboxers cry

  54. G- man

    G- man7 dagar sedan

    Is that a gesse howard costume for seth??

  55. Steve Raider

    Steve Raider7 dagar sedan

    Simply amazing !!! SFV turned to be an amazing gem since SFVCE ! Love it !!! So excited for SF again !!! Kudos 💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  56. Gaming With Cov

    Gaming With Cov7 dagar sedan

    You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,

  57. Zeo Nav

    Zeo Nav7 dagar sedan

    Street Fighter 5 foundation (Netcode) is still garbage.

  58. Diego Fagundes Morales

    Diego Fagundes Morales7 dagar sedan

    How is the final Character? In final Pack?




  60. neobeetle

    neobeetle7 dagar sedan


  61. Redfax201

    Redfax2017 dagar sedan

    My boy Oro finally made it!!

  62. mrfoolsgold001

    mrfoolsgold0017 dagar sedan

    The band was awsome

  63. SoaR gaming

    SoaR gaming7 dagar sedan

    Release your dualshock keyboard

  64. Nadia Amarilla

    Nadia Amarilla7 dagar sedan


  65. ceej313

    ceej3137 dagar sedan

    hahah same thing I thought!!! Nice jab at SNK (if it is one)

  66. Peptoplasm

    Peptoplasm7 dagar sedan

    Chicken wing gang

  67. Ryu Landa

    Ryu Landa7 dagar sedan

    Is Oro the strongest SF character?

  68. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly4 dagar sedan

    No. Akuma, Bison, set etc still top. Plus it depends on how you gauge it. Somebody will do the tier for the game.

  69. Nadia Amarilla

    Nadia Amarilla7 dagar sedan


  70. Joey Wahl

    Joey Wahl7 dagar sedan

    Killer rendition of Dan's theme, the bass is so sick. And new characters look so dope, can't wait to try 'em out!

  71. Evan Tomiko

    Evan Tomiko7 dagar sedan

    17:00 now she throws a laser beam? 🤨

  72. Dark Viper

    Dark Viper6 dagar sedan

    @Evan Tomiko lol xP

  73. Evan Tomiko

    Evan Tomiko7 dagar sedan

    @Dark Vipera Kamehameha?

  74. Dark Viper

    Dark Viper7 dagar sedan

    A Hype Beam~

  75. Fighting Game Tenshi 天賜

    Fighting Game Tenshi 天賜7 dagar sedan

    Oro could be fun, well done. But - oh no - why Akira from Rival School's?! -.-"

  76. Smo-G

    Smo-G7 dagar sedan

    is that Oros theme playing during his gameplay??

  77. Dani Plays

    Dani Plays7 dagar sedan


  78. Jesse G.

    Jesse G.7 dagar sedan

    Definitely excited for Akira.

  79. Ronald Chambi mamani

    Ronald Chambi mamani7 dagar sedan

    Alguien abla español

  80. Nadia Amarilla

    Nadia Amarilla7 dagar sedan

    @Ronald Chambi mamani saludos desde Argentina, soy juri player, estoy en ultragold, mi canal es pipualessandro allí subo mis combates online

  81. Ronald Chambi mamani

    Ronald Chambi mamani7 dagar sedan

    @Nadia Amarilla pense que nadie me responderia

  82. Nadia Amarilla

    Nadia Amarilla7 dagar sedan

    Obvio, yo apuesto Jim KAZAMA último personaje, akuma esta en tekken 7, además comparte apellido con akira? Será casual? Vamos jim!

  83. SK yg

    SK yg7 dagar sedan

    Rose looks very very nice

  84. Walesky Alves Meneses

    Walesky Alves Meneses7 dagar sedan

    Legggal of MORE Very PASTA of +

  85. The Beast from within

    The Beast from within7 dagar sedan

    Karin, Viper, Menat and Rose? Impressive.

  86. The Beast from within

    The Beast from within7 dagar sedan

    tarot cards

  87. Dark Viper

    Dark Viper7 dagar sedan

    Viper? Where >_>

  88. Bizzy Gamer

    Bizzy Gamer7 dagar sedan

    *Fei long,T-hawk, or Dee-Jay for final SFVCE roster slot* 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

  89. Chris M

    Chris M6 dagar sedan

    Might be Geki

  90. Jesse G.

    Jesse G.7 dagar sedan


  91. Carlos Slime

    Carlos Slime7 dagar sedan


  92. deltavagen

    deltavagen7 dagar sedan

    Rival schools!!!!

  93. ronjon83

    ronjon837 dagar sedan

    How long has SFV been in development now?

  94. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly4 dagar sedan

    It didn't come out of development.

  95. Fatzombee

    Fatzombee7 dagar sedan

    Forever maybe xD still have content

  96. akil charles

    akil charles7 dagar sedan

    It has been a long while but with the whole pandemic going on in the world they're slowly bringing more DLC & content that we are getting.


    MARSTONSITO7 dagar sedan

    No entiendo nada. Una traducción rápida por aquí?. Jajaja

  98. Crimson Sigma

    Crimson Sigma7 dagar sedan

    Am upgrading from Juri to Akira but as the mystery 5th character we need ether Guy, Rolento, Makoto, or Fei Long anyone of those 4

  99. Crimson Sigma

    Crimson Sigma6 dagar sedan

    @Pingouiin you could be right but I use zeku as my 3rd main plus he is Guy’s master anyway

  100. Chris M

    Chris M6 dagar sedan

    No I want Eagle

  101. Pingouiin

    Pingouiin7 dagar sedan

    I don't think Guy will see the day in SFV since he is pretty much replaced with Zeku

  102. Crimson Sigma

    Crimson Sigma7 dagar sedan

    @Nathan King bring back Abel or necro

  103. Nathan King

    Nathan King7 dagar sedan

    Or Remy or Joe from Street Fighter 1 would be a nice surprise. A new Kickboxer.

  104. mrHowlll

    mrHowlll7 dagar sedan

    Capcom please let Necro be fighter 5. He is one of the few SF3 characters yet to return since the SF3 era.

  105. Facundo Arana Quispe

    Facundo Arana Quispe7 dagar sedan

    Éste video es genial

  106. Dr. Kujo Jotaro

    Dr. Kujo Jotaro7 dagar sedan

    Rose is basically Lisa Lisa with Tarot Cards, she sure is interesting.

  107. Gaming Guzman

    Gaming Guzman7 dagar sedan

    I thought Oro was suppose to have one arm

  108. Fighting Game Tenshi 天賜

    Fighting Game Tenshi 天賜7 dagar sedan

    Only until he meets a strong opponent.

  109. Saad Nabil

    Saad Nabil7 dagar sedan

    Oh yeah!!!!

  110. Nathan Crossen

    Nathan Crossen7 dagar sedan

    That board game in the background?

  111. Sub Ghost

    Sub Ghost7 dagar sedan

    Give us something like game pass on Xbox

  112. Nes PLayZ

    Nes PLayZ7 dagar sedan

    I can't wait to use Oro 😊

  113. Dark Viper

    Dark Viper7 dagar sedan


  114. DaRk_NiGhTwInG_XL

    DaRk_NiGhTwInG_XL7 dagar sedan

    They need to add Guy and rolento

  115. True Joker

    True Joker7 dagar sedan

    Those blue costumes look gorgeous! As a JoJo & Persona fan seeing the tarot cards on Rose is awesome.

  116. ZiggyKick92

    ZiggyKick926 dagar sedan

    "Galactic Blue" is the best EX color yet.

  117. Dr. Kujo Jotaro

    Dr. Kujo Jotaro7 dagar sedan


  118. The Irish Potato

    The Irish Potato7 dagar sedan


  119. Derek Ho 2013's

    Derek Ho 2013's7 dagar sedan

    Excellent job with fantasy

  120. googamp32

    googamp327 dagar sedan

    My tall queen is FINALLY here!

  121. AT Productions

    AT Productions6 dagar sedan

    Wait, Elena's confirmed?!

  122. RashadZ

    RashadZ7 dagar sedan

    I can't wait for Akira to be finished

  123. Bloom SosAssLevidiotpuncher

    Bloom SosAssLevidiotpuncher7 dagar sedan

    Everyone is, gonna enjoy Akira till this year.

  124. JetEternal

    JetEternal7 dagar sedan

    I third that.

  125. friknoob

    friknoob7 dagar sedan


  126. Guart Mode

    Guart Mode7 dagar sedan


  127. GameKnight

    GameKnight7 dagar sedan

    Bruh I was literally working out earlier today and thought "I wonder when the next sfv presentation will be."

  128. The Zeque

    The Zeque7 dagar sedan

    Typical Hiei

  129. Star Sniper

    Star Sniper7 dagar sedan

    All that working out and you're still the same size as Hiei.

  130. ZiggyKick92

    ZiggyKick927 dagar sedan

    Several things: Rose is gonna be super sick to play as, both her and Oro's themes are amazing, actually so happy Akira still has her air combos and....DAIGO KAZAMA?!?! Cannot believe he's back even if he is just V-Trigger 2!!

  131. Guart Mode

    Guart Mode7 dagar sedan


  132. izay

    izay7 dagar sedan

    when is the release date for oro?

  133. Dani Plays

    Dani Plays7 dagar sedan

    He is scheduled for Summer 2021

  134. Michelon Souza

    Michelon Souza7 dagar sedan


  135. GMasterYt

    GMasterYt7 dagar sedan

    Wao oro

  136. Jeffrey Ortiz

    Jeffrey Ortiz7 dagar sedan

    I cant wait for oro!

  137. Jermaine H

    Jermaine H7 dagar sedan

    Akira is what I’m looking forward too

  138. Neon Spider Fan

    Neon Spider Fan7 dagar sedan

    @Saw Platinum Rival Schools

  139. Neon Spider Fan

    Neon Spider Fan7 dagar sedan

    @Star Sniper Not that Akira

  140. Neon Spider Fan

    Neon Spider Fan7 dagar sedan


  141. Saw Platinum

    Saw Platinum7 dagar sedan

    What game are they from

  142. Star Sniper

    Star Sniper7 dagar sedan

    Akira is in this game? What about Tetsuo?

  143. x-zar 2

    x-zar 27 dagar sedan

    Another one!!

  144. Duckify

    Duckify7 dagar sedan

    Couple of fools

  145. Gerardo Rodriguez

    Gerardo Rodriguez7 dagar sedan

    They need to give Seth a Female Voice for the Female Body in the next DLC, please

  146. Stop Reading This

    Stop Reading This3 dagar sedan

    That defeats the entire point of Seth's design.

  147. Vini Maldia

    Vini Maldia7 dagar sedan

    SF 6 pls

  148. R1FT

    R1FT7 dagar sedan


  149. Cole Jenkins

    Cole Jenkins7 dagar sedan


  150. Feerrarii_yt Sanchez terr

    Feerrarii_yt Sanchez terr7 dagar sedan

    How is sale fnaf security breach?

  151. Helmi br

    Helmi br7 dagar sedan