Jump Force - Giorno Giovanna Launch Trailer | PS4

The Golden Wind has begun. Giorno Giovanna from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is joining the cast of Jump Force. Utilize his stand, Gold Experience Requiem, to create plants and heal Giorno.
Purchase the Season Pass to unlock Giorno 3 days early and unlock 4 more characters!


  1. Saiyan_Shinobi_Hybrid

    Saiyan_Shinobi_Hybrid12 timmar sedan

    Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru

  2. Dimas Andrean

    Dimas Andrean13 timmar sedan


  3. Its Caden

    Its Caden2 dagar sedan

    i would only get this for jotaro

  4. CorAxe

    CorAxe2 dagar sedan

    Omfg it's so ugly I'm srry but look at 0:15 ger has a problem in his life

  5. Zyvens 4

    Zyvens 43 dagar sedan

    Let me bring my piano

  6. Jos Muser

    Jos Muser3 dagar sedan

    * sonidos de piano*

  7. Le villageois

    Le villageois3 dagar sedan

    Ost giorno 🥰

  8. Help_Tale Gaster

    Help_Tale Gaster3 dagar sedan

    i bet next will be josuke

  9. Raynaldi Sutedjo

    Raynaldi Sutedjo3 dagar sedan

    Why not pink giorno?

  10. Kevin Vo

    Kevin Vo3 dagar sedan

    This is still getting dlc? Why?

  11. 睦月黒

    睦月黒3 dagar sedan

    Jolyne come

  12. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams3 dagar sedan

    kinda of a casual fan of JOJO but i'm surprised they havnt added Joskue yet. I figure dif Jump force still gets updates thoguht Jolyne will Join and thye need her this game is still to much of a sasuage fest. Actually I know it's kinda of chaeat since it was orgnially in a diffrent magazine that got cancelled and was only put in jump temporerly until the moved to the new one but Id Like clare from claymore in this game.

  13. Badz company

    Badz company3 dagar sedan

    Anyone wants victory torture dance with DIO Jotaro Giorno?

  14. Fede drift27

    Fede drift274 dagar sedan

    Buomgiorno a tutti

  15. -Y- HeTReI

    -Y- HeTReI4 dagar sedan

    Finally, every DB fan using Goku will be beaten by Giorno users

  16. DoppioMelon

    DoppioMelon4 dagar sedan

    It's time to Saeba (guy with guns) fight with one of strongest stand users

  17. Chris

    Chris4 dagar sedan

    Needs his theme though.

  18. DoozeschanYT

    DoozeschanYT4 dagar sedan

    im not gonna lie this part 0:15 looks terrible

  19. Fire Laser500

    Fire Laser5004 dagar sedan

    There you have it, the pass is over. Rumors of a third pass , all I want is koro sensei which is highly unlikely but you know. It’s whatever

  20. Dark Way

    Dark Way4 dagar sedan

    Dio vs Giorno

  21. Diego Brando

    Diego Brando5 dagar sedan

    Ger is really ugly in this

  22. WICKID /Austin123xx

    WICKID /Austin123xx5 dagar sedan

    So when can we buy him?

  23. Monkey King

    Monkey King5 dagar sedan

    April 13

  24. agent_shadow

    agent_shadow5 dagar sedan

    I have waited so long for this🍿

  25. Mr.Kinder

    Mr.Kinder5 dagar sedan

    just give us a jojo game

  26. Neo Sparda

    Neo Sparda5 dagar sedan

    "I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!"

  27. Aztecelotl

    Aztecelotl5 dagar sedan

    Bruno Bucciarati

  28. Bewear

    Bewear5 dagar sedan

    Why is this game still relevant? 😂

  29. SuperPlumbus Idk

    SuperPlumbus Idk5 dagar sedan

    Who even plays this awful game anymore?

  30. cypteur

    cypteur5 dagar sedan

    i thought it released already

  31. Cαρρy Я

    Cαρρy Я5 dagar sedan

    I thought he been out o_o

  32. Vergil

    Vergil5 dagar sedan

    I hear diluccc

  33. Porco Dio Brando

    Porco Dio Brando5 dagar sedan

    I, Giorno Giovanna, finally joined Jump Force.

  34. Angel Salazar

    Angel Salazar5 dagar sedan

    Dang hisoka must of liked that

  35. Emmy

    Emmy5 dagar sedan

    I thought this was an April Fools prank for a second.

  36. Kimio-Shinjiru

    Kimio-Shinjiru5 dagar sedan

    Oh no, not again, recycle lines?? AGAIN??!?!?!!?

  37. Max Model

    Max Model5 dagar sedan

    It would be awesome if his awakening was his stand going requiem

  38. Teddy Sogandi MV

    Teddy Sogandi MV5 dagar sedan


  39. Devin

    Devin5 dagar sedan

    my name is giovanni georgio but everyone calls me georgio

  40. Marcellus Matahari

    Marcellus Matahari5 dagar sedan

    I, Giorno Giovanna finally have emotionless face

  41. Rxyzper 07

    Rxyzper 075 dagar sedan

    This finna be a lot of cheeeezzz 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

  42. Сергей Репин

    Сергей Репин5 dagar sedan

    Muda muda...

  43. noname no

    noname no5 dagar sedan

    Now we need our boy Jonathan

  44. Магжан Жаксылык

    Магжан Жаксылык5 dagar sedan

    I want tsuna from hitman reborn

  45. quit :v

    quit :v5 dagar sedan

    Give me joseph joestar >:c

  46. Foxy Gold

    Foxy Gold5 dagar sedan

    Is awesome but... who talk muda is the stand gold experience requiem

  47. AJR 9946

    AJR 99465 dagar sedan

    Such a disappointment of a game

  48. yousef diaa

    yousef diaa5 dagar sedan


  49. ACE

    ACE5 dagar sedan

    How long do I GOTTA wait til they release all DLCs on disc ? I really wanna play it 😅😅

  50. Богдан Суховенко

    Богдан Суховенко5 dagar sedan

    I don't going to play this

  51. Granatowy Ninja Mroku

    Granatowy Ninja Mroku5 dagar sedan

    Giorno Giovanna is here so... Sasuke Uchiha-Bruno Bucciarati (EOH) Deku-Narancia Grimmjow-Abbachio Nice, so we have Bucciarati Squad

  52. survivor turnover

    survivor turnover5 dagar sedan

    stone ocean

  53. scantopup

    scantopup5 dagar sedan

    he giorno giovanna, has a dream

  54. こうさか

    こうさか5 dagar sedan


  55. Defa Aja

    Defa Aja5 dagar sedan

    And why is it the GER and not the normal Golden Experience???

  56. andres poblete

    andres poblete5 dagar sedan

    Agregen de los 7 pecados capitaless🙏🙏🙏

  57. Anime Clips

    Anime Clips5 dagar sedan

    My favorite character 😍😍 wish this is possible to play on Android, but it's not possible :(

  58. Wolfs0n

    Wolfs0n5 dagar sedan

    Jump Force still getting content updates? ....... props 👏

  59. Jojchi

    Jojchi5 dagar sedan

    Who cares

  60. Jesse Sotelo

    Jesse Sotelo5 dagar sedan

    5k people care


    GAMING BY A GAMER5 dagar sedan

    Original Background Sound:Giorno's theme

  62. JÄGER Memes

    JÄGER Memes5 dagar sedan


  63. mafia dvd

    mafia dvd6 dagar sedan

    muda intensifies

  64. Krisztián Kovács

    Krisztián Kovács6 dagar sedan

    I want character pass 3 with , Kuwabara , Ishida , Sakura , Ace , Kakyoin , Gohan , Yami Captain , Dabi , pls

  65. Tokyo Lifestyle

    Tokyo Lifestyle6 dagar sedan

    All those characters wasted for this garbage game. It´s the worst Beat 'em Up I ever played.

  66. Jesse Sotelo

    Jesse Sotelo5 dagar sedan

    oH lOOk A VeRifiEd acCouNt No OnE cArEs

  67. Nathan Dew

    Nathan Dew6 dagar sedan

    Strange that they didnt choose jolyne to correlate with the part 6 reveal

  68. Triston Davis

    Triston Davis4 dagar sedan

    This was in the works a while ago plus part 5 had just finished so it made more sense to go with who was already animated then a what if for Jolyne.

  69. Gon Michael

    Gon Michael6 dagar sedan

    Where's gojo satoru?👀

  70. Donovan Tanner

    Donovan Tanner6 dagar sedan

    Jump force x itadaki seiki

  71. Morris Onyeukwu

    Morris Onyeukwu6 dagar sedan

    Wow part six was announced earlier Now giorno is joining jump force Could this month get any better for jojo fans *PS if you're a jojo fan reply me with a cool phrase only a jojo fan would know 😌😌😏😏😎😎😎😎

  72. ggboiii

    ggboiii6 dagar sedan

    here come the memes my twitter is going to blow up and break help me

  73. Derrick Matthews

    Derrick Matthews6 dagar sedan

    This game is still going?!

  74. Acid

    Acid6 dagar sedan


  75. Anton Balfe

    Anton Balfe6 dagar sedan

    New saint seiya stage

  76. ben jackman

    ben jackman6 dagar sedan

    it's so weird hearing him with music other than his theme lol

  77. Amocoru

    Amocoru6 dagar sedan

    People say Dragon Ball is the most overrated anime. Nah, it's this one.

  78. sebastián galarza

    sebastián galarza6 dagar sedan

    Does someone know if a "complete/ultimate/definitive" edition of this game will eventually come out?

  79. mr manatee

    mr manatee6 dagar sedan

    Their still doing stuff for this game ugghhhhh

  80. Daith Izumi

    Daith Izumi6 dagar sedan

    They really missed out on an opportunity to play Golden Wind with the trailer. I wonder if Guts would be able to be in this game...

  81. Senpai Rayu YT

    Senpai Rayu YT6 dagar sedan

    Give me shaman king!!

  82. Aturd

    Aturd6 dagar sedan

    I want there to be attack on titan

  83. Light sprite

    Light sprite6 dagar sedan

    The most powerful character in Jump Force is here!!!

  84. AkAY Buccellati

    AkAY Buccellati6 dagar sedan

    I, Giorno Giovanna have a mom named Bruno

  85. Clay Puppington

    Clay Puppington6 dagar sedan


  86. Arcadeo Gamer

    Arcadeo Gamer6 dagar sedan

    No pass 3 ?

  87. Cococrash11

    Cococrash116 dagar sedan

    Awesome Jump Force Giorno Giovanna Launch Trailer.

  88. SuperPrinnyDood

    SuperPrinnyDood6 dagar sedan

    I hate this game but I give it props on having the correct stand name in the subtitles

  89. TheNate Allen

    TheNate Allen6 dagar sedan

    This game is still going I remember getting it on day 1

  90. Ismael Vera

    Ismael Vera6 dagar sedan

    I wonder how requiem will work in this game

  91. Otaku_GameFan

    Otaku_GameFan6 dagar sedan

    Awesome, I guess.

  92. Albertricks

    Albertricks6 dagar sedan

    0:15 that's quite scary actually

  93. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay6 dagar sedan

    Freaking you is all I neeeeeeeed!

  94. Brandon hathaway

    Brandon hathaway6 dagar sedan

    I'm glad he's in jump force

  95. E. M

    E. M6 dagar sedan

    *il vento de oro intensifies*

  96. ZeroGalaxy

    ZeroGalaxy6 dagar sedan

    But he was already announced with yoruichi

  97. BWSD OtakU

    BWSD OtakU6 dagar sedan


  98. Gabriel Henry

    Gabriel Henry6 dagar sedan

    I guess I'm a stand user

  99. Nicolas Fontenla

    Nicolas Fontenla6 dagar sedan

    Interestingly enough, Character Pass 2 started and ended with a character that share VA

  100. Dmolition

    Dmolition6 dagar sedan

    No it didn’t todoroki and giorno got different voice actors

  101. JΩRGΣ ツ

    JΩRGΣ ツ6 dagar sedan


  102. Erail

    Erail6 dagar sedan


  103. JΩRGΣ ツ

    JΩRGΣ ツ6 dagar sedan


  104. Satan

    Satan6 dagar sedan

    I would've liked the original golden Experience... That one looks cool AF

  105. Oi Mate

    Oi Mate6 dagar sedan

    I disagree I think GER looks way cooler But whatever I mean who cares what I think right?

  106. Sonic lover

    Sonic lover6 dagar sedan

    There still supporting Jump Force

  107. Funny Valentine

    Funny Valentine6 dagar sedan


  108. fake todd howard

    fake todd howard6 dagar sedan