Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout - Bounding Bunny Costume Live Action Trailer | PS4

The chase is on! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout welcomes the 'Bounding Bunny' costume to the store as a truly eggcelent Easter treat! Grab it on April 4th!


  1. Salivary -raffle

    Salivary -raffle3 dagar sedan

    play station is the besttttt

  2. polski gofer

    polski gofer4 dagar sedan

    Come on How many time do i need to wait to get fall guys on Nintendo switch


    YASSER GAMES5 dagar sedan

    Driver 1 💔

  4. Yara de la Torre

    Yara de la Torre6 dagar sedan

    Where did the bunny pants go? Because it’s super annoying I needed it

  5. Ultimate Berserker

    Ultimate Berserker6 dagar sedan

    This is hella sus

  6. Red Penguin

    Red Penguin6 dagar sedan

    Still waiting for fall guys to go on sale 😁🙏🏻


    AMIR PIE7 dagar sedan


  8. Елена Агапова

    Елена Агапова8 dagar sedan

    Friday night funky on ps4 please

  9. Doberman

    Doberman8 dagar sedan

    Sony don't kill PS3!!

  10. thatonenewyoutuber

    thatonenewyoutuber8 dagar sedan

    what was the thumbnail

  11. xXmedo gamingXx

    xXmedo gamingXx9 dagar sedan

    Hello Playstation...im your fan from iraq so i well talk arabic هلا والله الصراحة عندي مشكلة في بليستيشن نيت ورك الي هي مشكلة انو يفصل و انا احكي مع صديقي في السوني فور...و شي مزعج انتو حاطينه في السوني الي هو ماقدر اركب اي سماعة بلوتوث على السوني مثلا انا عندي سماعةP47 لما احاول اربطها في السوني ماينفع...يعني ليش ها؟ليش؟بدون سبب صح؟

  12. Nope Nope

    Nope Nope9 dagar sedan

    I wonder how smelly that costume is

  13. xTizi25x

    xTizi25x9 dagar sedan


  14. Dogdillon

    Dogdillon9 dagar sedan

    My local police also roll down the stairs to take me down to retrieve a egg

  15. Madhav Meena

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  16. Rexov

    Rexov9 dagar sedan

    Pls beamng drive on ps4 and ps5 pls

  17. اوسي الايطالي

    اوسي الايطالي9 dagar sedan

    i like it

  18. goran krajišnik

    goran krajišnik9 dagar sedan

    This looks like a direct copy paste from beasty Boys sabotage video

  19. Muhammet O

    Muhammet O10 dagar sedan

    Make this Game 4free

  20. Saad Nabil

    Saad Nabil10 dagar sedan

    Fall Guys: Easter of 1970s era!

  21. Plazma

    Plazma10 dagar sedan

    Old thumbnail r.i.p 2021-2021 We will always keep you in our hearts.

  22. Haris Shakil

    Haris Shakil7 dagar sedan

    What was the old thumbnail?

  23. Refaan Alqahtani

    Refaan Alqahtani10 dagar sedan

    Mario kart 8

  24. Steve Hart

    Steve Hart10 dagar sedan

    So when is the ps5 release?

  25. Fishy Plays

    Fishy Plays10 dagar sedan

    U get the ps4 version on ps5.

  26. P

    P10 dagar sedan

    guys are falling all over the video to get their hands on golden🥚 fall guy falls and 🍳it's magic ✨ 🐇 ps: distinct utopia 🙃

  27. Real Gaming

    Real Gaming10 dagar sedan

    U guys never value players. I've been using ps for so long. U never support us. All games, dlsc we need to purchase after paying for console. Then we need to pay more money to play online. This gen I'm getting Series x. They are lot better now. Only 1 subscription for 400+ games, cloud play, monthly free games, discounts, online multiplayer. U guys seriously need to improve

  28. ChomiFLY

    ChomiFLY10 dagar sedan

    I love this game 😍


    LETSPLAYCOD11 dagar sedan

    They changed the thumbnail XD

  30. 초록괴물

    초록괴물11 dagar sedan

    폴가이즈 새로운 시즌도 응원합니다!

  31. Party Random Oof

    Party Random Oof11 dagar sedan

    Fall guys 2021 T_T

  32. Stefano Parente

    Stefano Parente11 dagar sedan

    No ip Sony on pc

  33. CoolE

    CoolE11 dagar sedan

    This video in a nutshell: Weird Payed actors chasing some guy in a suit

  34. itay baba

    itay baba8 dagar sedan

    well yeah

  35. Maria Zuniga-Andrez

    Maria Zuniga-Andrez11 dagar sedan

    Ps4 banned my brother for life no joke

  36. No other Like my own skin

    No other Like my own skin11 dagar sedan

    Can you work with Nintendo & Sony? To make exclusive Video game on Nintendo Switch & Sony PS5. Like Anime Style. In Yes, Japan Japanese and maybe American English for Audio & Subtitles. 100% Japan Japanese Languages all regions 65% American English all regions Netflix Anime Show called Erased Team. Can make Start make new video game only on Nintendo Switch & Sony PS5.. Can you call you develop Team "Plenty of Raspberries in your Cup" Can you work on your develop Team in Japan for USA, other Countries? Can you with other teams Video Games? April 2023 - continuously to the following Nintendo & Sony Consoles

  37. RzR K

    RzR K11 dagar sedan

    Today i leave playstation, i have ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 and ps5 today i leave and going to sell ps5, and buy xsx, tell me sony how? U give your game to xbox, this is not problem but u give mlb to gamepass!!!???? And in the same time playstation fans must buy for fulll price!!!!!????? This is a joke????? Ryan have u brain? U just show your product fans, fu..... u. Amazing. Im join to xbox, bye.

  38. Ericagyd Fabiana placido

    Ericagyd Fabiana placido11 dagar sedan


  39. xCHIDOx

    xCHIDOx11 dagar sedan

    Is that Andy Samberg? If it is... Should've had gone with the 'Jake' look.😂

  40. MARIO_FAZE: The Next Generation Of Youtube

    MARIO_FAZE: The Next Generation Of Youtube11 dagar sedan

    Descending Dudes!

  41. Aqee1

    Aqee111 dagar sedan

    The thumbnail is me when I realise we are still in a pandemic

  42. Deagle760

    Deagle76011 dagar sedan

    So they’re actually 6 ft tall lol

  43. Roy Hoy!

    Roy Hoy!11 dagar sedan

    Why no PS5 update for this game?

  44. ً

    ً11 dagar sedan

    thumbnail broke

  45. The Swiss Guy

    The Swiss Guy11 dagar sedan

    Is this a Starsky & Hutch parody?! Because I feckin‘ love that!

  46. A F I LENIN

    A F I LENIN11 dagar sedan

    What is wrong with the thumbnail

  47. Joey Thrasher

    Joey Thrasher11 dagar sedan

    A pinga costume

  48. ege Çoban

    ege Çoban11 dagar sedan

    Dont move I have a banana !

  49. Gamer Carnaval

    Gamer Carnaval11 dagar sedan

    que buen video 😂 toca esperar para jugarlo 😍

  50. Abay Baikonys

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  51. kausachun peru

    kausachun peru11 dagar sedan

    En español para lo que no entendimos

  52. Looky Pooky

    Looky Pooky11 dagar sedan

    The thumbnail is a rare screenshot of the millisecond after me stepping on a LEGO.

  53. LasLantic Gaming

    LasLantic Gaming11 dagar sedan

    This ain't it chief

  54. Rami Haj

    Rami Haj11 dagar sedan

    Wehn are u making a new handheld

  55. Farha Zaidi

    Farha Zaidi11 dagar sedan

    Where can you buy these costumes 🤔

  56. P L

    P L11 dagar sedan

    Beastie Boys Sabotage

  57. malik mostafa

    malik mostafa11 dagar sedan

    how to get it pls say

  58. ً

    ً11 dagar sedan

    it cost money when you want to buy it

  59. ShyRule

    ShyRule11 dagar sedan

    "I fear no man, but that thing-" *Live Action Fall Guys* "It scares me"

  60. Abraham Martinez

    Abraham Martinez11 dagar sedan

    This kinda reminds me of that old crash bandicoot comercials

  61. SplashLord

    SplashLord11 dagar sedan

    I like the thumbnail

  62. rando 200

    rando 20011 dagar sedan

    I came for the glitched thumbnail and liked for everything that came after

  63. Heiko Siebert

    Heiko Siebert11 dagar sedan

    While you're teasering Fall Guys, you might as well tell me, what'll be new on PS Now in April. It's always last on your monthly announcement list.😯😉

  64. Pug Knight2

    Pug Knight211 dagar sedan

    B u n n y

  65. SpartanWaviness

    SpartanWaviness11 dagar sedan

    The fall guy only just stole a egg 😂😂

  66. Pokemaster 1

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    So cute

  67. C C

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  68. Naruto Uzumaki

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    I can't log into my account because I'm not receiving a verification code.😐

  69. サバトヘッド

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  70. Hot Plöppet

    Hot Plöppet11 dagar sedan

    Why didn't the officers gun it down? That would have amazing.

  71. Abrahim Ali

    Abrahim Ali11 dagar sedan

    You got to love the marketing

  72. EthanGoesVroom YT

    EthanGoesVroom YT11 dagar sedan

    The guy in the blue looks like the dude with the ostrich in the liberty neutral commercials

  73. C. S T Ξ N D L Ξ R

    C. S T Ξ N D L Ξ R11 dagar sedan

    Make it free 2 play

  74. Kashouri Katsu

    Kashouri Katsu11 dagar sedan

    "Listen all yall its a sabatage"

  75. Javierm0n0

    Javierm0n011 dagar sedan

    Ok that was cute

  76. asti

    asti11 dagar sedan

    Deberiais hacer una serie

  77. Marcebat

    Marcebat11 dagar sedan

    it's soooo cute live action fall guys costume, not the thumbnail

  78. Spicy Orange

    Spicy Orange11 dagar sedan

    Ayo anyone wanna play fall guys 😂

  79. Minute joy

    Minute joy11 dagar sedan

    The lady Cop is really funny

  80. Mr Smiley

    Mr Smiley11 dagar sedan

    Oooh. New costume. Nice.

  81. ShadowArmy

    ShadowArmy11 dagar sedan

    Fall Guys will be free for Ps Plus Playstation?

  82. VelocityBlast

    VelocityBlast11 dagar sedan

    it was on ps plus the month it was released on

  83. oppa arby

    oppa arby11 dagar sedan

    @Spicy Orange Was free on PS plus back in August but now it's not.

  84. Spicy Orange

    Spicy Orange11 dagar sedan

    It already is

  85. lewis4642011

    lewis464201111 dagar sedan

    That fall guy could effortlessly murder the 3 detectives if it wanted to. Look at the size of it

  86. Unkown Stranger

    Unkown Stranger10 dagar sedan

    Who looks sus

  87. Justin Krezelak

    Justin Krezelak11 dagar sedan

    Seriously who is still playing this? Probably the same people still playing Among Us I assume.

  88. bri-notthecheese

    bri-notthecheese11 dagar sedan

    These trailers are always so precious

  89. Walesky weldon

    Walesky weldon11 dagar sedan

    Hilarious HA HA HA HA HA

  90. Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος

    Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος11 dagar sedan

    Dont shut down the ps3 store plz :(

  91. ISOVEX

    ISOVEX11 dagar sedan

    This is commitment

  92. Nerdy21Savage

    Nerdy21Savage11 dagar sedan

    I guess no one is going to talk about the people that are playing the cops are apart of SMOSH

  93. Marcelo

    Marcelo11 dagar sedan

    who ? Ian?

  94. Nerdy21Savage

    Nerdy21Savage11 dagar sedan

    @butterpastor sorry 😞

  95. butterpastor

    butterpastor11 dagar sedan

    It’s “a part” of. “Apart” of means not part of.

  96. tph_dragon

    tph_dragon11 dagar sedan

    Smosh to pretty much everyone is Ian and Anthony.

  97. Angry Nigga

    Angry Nigga11 dagar sedan

    Cause it’s the bad smosh

  98. Ihsan

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  99. λlessαndro

    λlessαndro11 dagar sedan

    No one plays, lol

  100. butterpastor

    butterpastor11 dagar sedan

    @Missüt' içme maceraları yeah me too

  101. Missüt' içme maceraları

    Missüt' içme maceraları11 dagar sedan

    i play it and its still fun

  102. Infinite XP

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  103. Myski Senpai

    Myski Senpai11 dagar sedan

    Pain and suffering

  104. ImagineBreaker95

    ImagineBreaker9511 dagar sedan

    Driver reference

  105. NoLeifClover

    NoLeifClover11 dagar sedan

    It's not a "bad game" per se.

  106. Yuzu-kun

    Yuzu-kun11 dagar sedan

    sony hates his legacy

  107. Touched by Evil

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  108. Gaming Chrasher

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  109. Kraken G

    Kraken G11 dagar sedan

    Devolver always finds a way to make me smile :)

  110. Kraken G

    Kraken G10 dagar sedan

    @Temp 4 sad :(

  111. Temp 4

    Temp 410 dagar sedan

    The devolver sold out for epic games

  112. Kraken G

    Kraken G11 dagar sedan

    @John Youckopovich well I still like it

  113. Kraken G

    Kraken G11 dagar sedan

    @John Youckopovich oh.....

  114. John Youckopovich

    John Youckopovich11 dagar sedan

    It doesn't belong to Devolver anymore. Welcome to the epic games age ...

  115. Daniel Bello Mellies

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  116. ErosLikesGames

    ErosLikesGames11 dagar sedan

    Why does this feel like a Brooklyn 99 Episode? 😂😂

  117. ErosLikesGames

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    @solopuga 😂🤣

  118. solopuga

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  119. thxnking

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  120. Abdourazak Yonis

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    That looks like Yoshi Eggs

  121. Fall Gamer

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    Everyone are talking about the thumbnail

  122. SAFIS

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    Now It's fixed :)

  123. sikkymella

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    @FrostyOpossum45 ya ikr

  124. FrostyOpossum45

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    Now it's changed, only ogs viewers know the thumbnail

  125. Radioli

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    What about the Thumbnail?

  126. Fall Gamer

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    @sikkymella thanks lol.

  127. Sway

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    Look at the thumbnail😂

  128. Turtle Rhythm

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    That thumbnail tho

  129. J I N U J O J U

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    Nothing special just fall guys making me remember they still exist