Lost Words: Beyond the Page - Launch Trailer | PS4

Leap through the pages of Izzy’s journal and explore the beautiful land of Estoria in Lost Words: Beyond the Page, available now on PlayStation 4!
Lost Words: Beyond the Page tells a heart wrenching story about grief and coming of age. When Izzy is faced with an earth-shattering change in her life, she turns to her journal to cope. Players will solve puzzles using words through the pages of her diary and in the fantasy world of Estoria she created.
The title has earned a wealth of awards during its lifetime, including ‘Best Indie Game’ at Game Connection Paris, ‘Excellence in Narrative’ at DevGAMM, ‘Best Audio Design’ from TIGA, ‘Special Selection Indie Award’ at Reboot Develop and ‘Best Story’ at Game Connection USA
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  1. java 2021

    java 2021Dag sedan

    Top gostei bastante

  2. BS Miku

    BS Miku2 dagar sedan

    Very cool music. Where I can download this melody?? :) (0:51-1:30)

  3. Gamescreenies

    Gamescreenies7 dagar sedan

    Did I read Pratchett? I'm in.

  4. Infinite XP

    Infinite XP7 dagar sedan

    Looks pretty dope

  5. Vloetje

    Vloetje7 dagar sedan

    Getting flashbacks to Child of Light, which is absolutely very positive. Looking forward to play this game sometime!

  6. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer7 dagar sedan

    Sony is knowingly charging PS+ members for Days Gone even though its supposed to be free.

  7. Knute

    Knute7 dagar sedan

    I would have preferred this over boreworld 😴 💤

  8. Silver

    Silver7 dagar sedan

    Oddworld Soulstorm? That game is great

  9. SanchoJack

    SanchoJack7 dagar sedan

    Is that Emma Watson?

  10. Sidonie Maria

    Sidonie Maria7 dagar sedan

    Nope, it me

  11. 240 G

    240 G7 dagar sedan

    1:05 *Modus* has a weird childhood too, when travelling on far places.

  12. justice4germans

    justice4germans7 dagar sedan

    oh yay we get to play the role of a little girl again

  13. nintendogamer FR

    nintendogamer FR7 dagar sedan

    A very cool indie game

  14. josaph cj7

    josaph cj77 dagar sedan


  15. Ahmet Alp Hopurcuoglu

    Ahmet Alp Hopurcuoglu7 dagar sedan

    Ücretsiz mi?

  16. Ahmet Alp Hopurcuoglu

    Ahmet Alp Hopurcuoglu7 dagar sedan

    This is free?

  17. نهاد محمد كنو

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  18. PipeRhymes

    PipeRhymes7 dagar sedan

    This looks awesome! 👍

  19. Michael Villarreal

    Michael Villarreal7 dagar sedan

    A beautiful version of TYPO MAN

  20. Darkem Mefisto

    Darkem Mefisto7 dagar sedan

    @Michael Villarreal ah thanks!

  21. Michael Villarreal

    Michael Villarreal7 dagar sedan

    @Darkem Mefisto ooooo pleaseeeee try it!!!!! It’s basically the concept of fighting and progressing the game. By using the power of WORDS

  22. Darkem Mefisto

    Darkem Mefisto7 dagar sedan

    What's TYPO MAN?

  23. Timmah200

    Timmah2007 dagar sedan

    I'm getting Edith Finch vibes.

  24. kahara

    kahara7 dagar sedan

    Any lost words? >=)

  25. Mad Flossing

    Mad Flossing7 dagar sedan

    Steak, PlayStation. Steak and Potatoes.

  26. FamilySmol_Play

    FamilySmol_Play7 dagar sedan

    Невероятно красиво и атмосферно, настоящая сказка!

  27. Dark_Emeralds

    Dark_Emeralds7 dagar sedan

    Amazing art style, looks interesting!

  28. Nebzy Boi

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  29. criminal rushi

    criminal rushi7 dagar sedan

    My 1 st comment

  30. shellman1 yt

    shellman1 yt7 dagar sedan

    That is amazing

  31. criminal rushi

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    I am commant winner

  32. Angry Nigga

    Angry Nigga7 dagar sedan

    These the exclusives y’all proud of⁉️ ClownStation 🤡 💩 💀

  33. Param Sekhon

    Param Sekhon7 dagar sedan

    10 yr old

  34. Anas Bakhit

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    Yep, Got Problems?

  35. Fabsters

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    Dont cry baby

  36. anton brown

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    if you an xbox fan what are you doing here

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