Breathedge - Launch Trailer | PS4

Breathedge is now available on PlayStation 4! Together with your immortal chicken, discover the truth behind your sudden spaceship crash. Craft tools, pilot vehicles, and even control space stations to survive and explore the wreckage.


  1. Madden Stewart

    Madden Stewart3 dagar sedan


  2. KennyisLB

    KennyisLB4 dagar sedan

    Figures the police would find a way to beat people down when they are trying to survive, even in space.

  3. Sonic Singed

    Sonic Singed5 dagar sedan

    this game was funny ngl

  4. Denis Rutz

    Denis Rutz5 dagar sedan

    For everyone who still can't find the game on their local PS Stores on either PS4 or 5: For whatever reason it is not showing up in the store, even through a search, but you can buy it when you use the PS App on your mobile phone - just open the PS App, type in Breathedge in the search function and purchase it from there - it will instantly show up in your PS4/5 Library after doing so.

  5. monoliet1

    monoliet15 dagar sedan

    Not in ps5 store under ps4 games

  6. SirCraigius

    SirCraigius5 dagar sedan

    Is this out yet? Its not showing in the PS Store.

  7. SirCraigius

    SirCraigius4 dagar sedan

    @Denis Rutz Thank you! I downloaded the app and was able to purchase it right away :)

  8. Denis Rutz

    Denis Rutz5 dagar sedan

    For whatever reason it is not showing up in the store, even through a search, but you can buy it when you use the PS App on your mobile phone - just open the PS App, type in Breathedge in the search function and purchase it from there - it will instantly show up in your PS4/5 Library after doing so.

  9. joelface

    joelface6 dagar sedan

    Looks like it would be even cooler in VR.

  10. Rhi Snowdon

    Rhi Snowdon6 dagar sedan

    This looks very cool. Will defo be checking this out

  11. Ghani Syakri

    Ghani Syakri6 dagar sedan


  12. Connor

    Connor6 dagar sedan

    If you guys have had the same issue as me as in you couldn't find the game in the store download it from the online store on your phone or pc

  13. Carrie Criswell

    Carrie Criswell6 dagar sedan

    Big question when is FNAF security breach coming

  14. Hexynos.

    Hexynos.7 dagar sedan

    Subnautica -> Subspace?

  15. Denis Rutz

    Denis Rutz7 dagar sedan

    Purchased the game today, as i like the everlasting space and luvs chickens, but there's something you might wanna look into - the game doesn't show up in the Store on PS5, even when you sort by the latest releases or do a search for it. Had to use the PlayStation app on my mobile phone to find and buy it - which is NOT cool, especially for a 20+ bucks game.

  16. Soggypankake

    Soggypankake7 dagar sedan

    0:28 thicci chicci

  17. Ruze

    Ruze7 dagar sedan


  18. Synced Up

    Synced Up7 dagar sedan

    Im searching it on the PS Store and its not here?

  19. Synced Up

    Synced Up7 dagar sedan

    Oh nvm it releases tomorrow

  20. Dean Vos

    Dean Vos7 dagar sedan

    Subnautica x no mans sky

  21. Monster Munch

    Monster Munch7 dagar sedan

    This looks incredible

  22. carpetfluff

    carpetfluff7 dagar sedan

    Weird one this. The environments and exploration often seem totally at odds with the constant comedy it's trying to do. Especially if you don't find its brand of funny all the funny. The trailer doesn't really give you an idea of how in your face it can be with your suit literally commenting on everything at high speed nearly all the feels like they didn't know when to stop and let you just play the game sometimes.

  23. Bourbon Kid

    Bourbon Kid7 dagar sedan

    Available now? Can't find anything at psn store

  24. Denis Rutz

    Denis Rutz5 dagar sedan

    For whatever reason it is not showing up in the store, even through a search, but you can buy it when you use the PS App on your mobile phone - just open the PS App, type in Breathedge in the search function and purchase it from there - it will instantly show up in your PS4/5 Library after doing so.

  25. Swiftix

    Swiftix7 dagar sedan

    Perhaps it's a late April's fool

  26. Sneaky Rock

    Sneaky Rock7 dagar sedan

    Subnautica 2.0

  27. Captain Future

    Captain Future7 dagar sedan

    Looks very nice. 😁

  28. Body guard of The ceo of memes

    Body guard of The ceo of memes7 dagar sedan

    This is giving me subnautica vibes

  29. JimGhost_RiderX

    JimGhost_RiderX7 dagar sedan

    subnautica in space??


    CANAMSHREDDER7 dagar sedan

    Can we get some decent games please like I own a ps5 and now wishin I stayed with xbox and game pass. We literally get a measly amount of games with ps plus, like we already have days gone..

  31. No other Like my own skin

    No other Like my own skin8 dagar sedan

    For Japan Version. Can you provide? Languages Audio & Subtitles Japan Japanese American English All New Copies of Video Game for Sony Can you provide? On Sony physical & digital copies For Sony PlayStation 1 October 2022 For Sony PlayStation 2 November 2022 For Sony PlayStation 3 December 2022 For Sony PlayStation 4 January 2023 For Sony PlayStation 5 February 2023 For For New Sony Home Consoles March 2023 For Sony PlayStationPortable April 2023 For Sony PlayStationVita May 2023 For New Sony Handle Consoles June 2023 On Sony

  32. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker8 dagar sedan

    Ps4 is still on top :-)

  33. Alan Mathews

    Alan Mathews8 dagar sedan

    So are they making all the dumb games for ps4 now ? Even though no one can get a ps5.

  34. Ian Norton

    Ian Norton8 dagar sedan

    0:29 what is he doing to that chicken?!?!?

  35. Vladuhius

    Vladuhius6 dagar sedan

    Extracts ice to craft water


    CYBERLOFT8 dagar sedan

    The guy from subnautica crashed again in space after leaveing earth xd

  37. Daniel Esosa Osawe

    Daniel Esosa Osawe8 dagar sedan

    Stranded deep vibe

  38. ShortStreamGamer

    ShortStreamGamer8 dagar sedan

    Subnautica in space?

  39. Jiggly Bumflesh

    Jiggly Bumflesh8 dagar sedan

    Any else play ADR1FT? This is that, but looks better! ☺️

  40. depressed dragon

    depressed dragon8 dagar sedan

    Is there a co-op mode or something where i can play with my friends if there is I'll buy this

  41. Matt Lombardo

    Matt Lombardo8 dagar sedan

    So subnautica but in space?

  42. Cherry's Channel

    Cherry's Channel8 dagar sedan

    Cant find it when I search the ps store

  43. Denis Rutz

    Denis Rutz5 dagar sedan

    For whatever reason it is not showing up in the store, even through a search, but you can buy it when you use the PS App on your mobile phone - just open the PS App, type in Breathedge in the search function and purchase it from there - it will instantly show up in your PS4/5 Library after doing so.

  44. Derek Stewart

    Derek Stewart8 dagar sedan

    Tools break and the oxygen take too long to restore... some other nitpicks.

  45. true lies

    true lies8 dagar sedan

    Ninja theory is cool

  46. Anthony McNeill

    Anthony McNeill8 dagar sedan

    We all know this is ps5 gameplay

  47. godzilla 2050

    godzilla 20508 dagar sedan

    Remake the godzilla game

  48. XxRathalos BrillanceXx

    XxRathalos BrillanceXx8 dagar sedan

    Gamepass: a lot of games with one year duration aprox Ps now: one to three months 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a joke

  49. Adam Gould

    Adam Gould8 dagar sedan

    Yeah....but Breathedge.

  50. Jose Tan

    Jose Tan8 dagar sedan

    More and more looks amazing

  51. Раш Дэйс

    Раш Дэйс8 dagar sedan


  52. CorstasClashCam

    CorstasClashCam8 dagar sedan

    Wow the lack of imagination of this comment section it's subnautica but in space. Just no no it's not it's nothing like subnautica 🤦

  53. Nirmal Singh

    Nirmal Singh8 dagar sedan

    what about ps5!?

  54. kmjansen

    kmjansen8 dagar sedan

    Hope they added a sandbox mode, reviews weren't that great, but it has some hope if they focus future updates on building and crafting

  55. CorstasClashCam

    CorstasClashCam8 dagar sedan

    The release date is actually 6th of April 2021 I hope it releases at midnight will be checking in 3 hours

  56. Demplays

    Demplays8 dagar sedan

    Bought this game during its alpha version, honestly one of my best purchases

  57. Conesnail 13

    Conesnail 138 dagar sedan


  58. Charlie B

    Charlie B8 dagar sedan

    For anyone wondering, the PlayStation Twitter is saying this actually releases tomorrow.

  59. Lucas Vidal

    Lucas Vidal8 dagar sedan

    I'd look at SkillUp's review before buying this.

  60. Deek

    Deek8 dagar sedan

    I have no money for new games because the virus

  61. Deek

    Deek8 dagar sedan

    @CorstasClashCam sad system

  62. CorstasClashCam

    CorstasClashCam8 dagar sedan

    Welcome to what 99% of the worlds situation is

  63. Adam

    Adam8 dagar sedan

    Don't put out a launch trailer if it hasn't launched yet, idiots.

  64. Stance Punk

    Stance Punk8 dagar sedan

    so subnautica ripoff

  65. ACTruitt

    ACTruitt8 dagar sedan

    Spooky vibes. I’m getting like Firewatch in space. Btw I watched this with sound off.

  66. Bertrand1309

    Bertrand13098 dagar sedan

    This game is bugged and artists don't know how cigarette filters work lol

  67. Zsófia Kovács

    Zsófia Kovács8 dagar sedan

    This is literally the epilogue of Subnautica. So cool 🤩

  68. andrea severino

    andrea severino8 dagar sedan

    The Chicken ?😳❓

  69. T8B

    T8B8 dagar sedan

    Deeeeeeemm 🔥

  70. Navid Rdanen

    Navid Rdanen8 dagar sedan

    Please buy rockstar games

  71. Ausaf

    Ausaf8 dagar sedan

    so basically subnautica but in space. ill take it

  72. Adam

    Adam8 dagar sedan

    "Available now!"-2 hours ago. Still not true.

  73. Владимир PARK

    Владимир PARK8 dagar sedan

    do you want to play this game too just for the sake of this moment? 00:29

  74. CorstasClashCam

    CorstasClashCam8 dagar sedan

    Yes 1000 times yes that's the only reason I want this game is the chicken

  75. Noobish!

    Noobish!8 dagar sedan

    Subnautica in space

  76. Matias da Silva

    Matias da Silva8 dagar sedan

    It doesn’t appear on my store..

  77. erdmaennchen

    erdmaennchen8 dagar sedan

    No VR, No Coop, just Survival, under 30 Bucks, comes out tomorrow April 6 in Europe .. maybe

  78. cancel disney plus

    cancel disney plus8 dagar sedan

    Sony bring back some games from the PS1 era like Tiny Tank Up Your Arsenal and Croc Legend of the Gobbos! You have tons of classic games and you're doing nothing with them.

  79. Елена Агапова

    Елена Агапова8 dagar sedan

    Friday night on ps4 please

  80. Leon Kennedy

    Leon Kennedy8 dagar sedan

    Needs VR support

  81. Kakashi99999

    Kakashi999998 dagar sedan

    Sort of makes me wish there was a VR version.

  82. Rick Mott

    Rick Mott8 dagar sedan

    It’s not out until tomorrow (Tuesday Apr 6th) even launch trailer just came out today

  83. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith8 dagar sedan



    WALMART MAN8 dagar sedan

    I play on PlayStation too it didn’t work RP the money I spent


    WALMART MAN8 dagar sedan

    I know this is a add for a different game but don’t buy the Jason game it takes your money if you buy add on’s to it

  86. Press X to Start

    Press X to Start8 dagar sedan

    This loooks absolutely fantastic!!

  87. MAGMALORD360

    MAGMALORD3608 dagar sedan

    I prefer this way over SubSHITica .

  88. DeathZoneBR

    DeathZoneBR8 dagar sedan

    subnautica do espaço

  89. XxkillerxX10

    XxkillerxX108 dagar sedan


  90. RzR K

    RzR K8 dagar sedan

    Ps studios games in game pass!!!! Playstation, when hhorizon, gow, tlou etc be in game pass?

  91. khaled hassan

    khaled hassan8 dagar sedan

    HELLO !!! 0.51

  92. André Caldeira

    André Caldeira8 dagar sedan

    So thats where the protagonist from subnautica went after leaving the planet

  93. Grigor Eftimov

    Grigor Eftimov8 dagar sedan

    Plz.. make this a psvr2 game.


    NOT-NATERDY8 dagar sedan

    Subnautica zero gravity

  95. Slik Next

    Slik Next8 dagar sedan

    Subnautica but in subnautica

  96. paro76320

    paro763208 dagar sedan

    Cannot find it on French PS store either

  97. Tony T Hewitt

    Tony T Hewitt8 dagar sedan

    Yet I cannot find it on the store? Midnight release?


    PUNANI_SLAYER4208 dagar sedan

    It's not available in the east or the west. Only in the north

  99. Tony T Hewitt

    Tony T Hewitt8 dagar sedan

    @CorstasClashCamfingers crossed

  100. CorstasClashCam

    CorstasClashCam8 dagar sedan

    Hopefully midnight release as it is out on the 6th

  101. The Lindefann

    The Lindefann8 dagar sedan

    Yeah i cant find it

  102. wade

    wade8 dagar sedan

    I wonder if its free to play?

  103. YugaKuru

    YugaKuru8 dagar sedan


  104. Matteo Emanuele Luzi

    Matteo Emanuele Luzi8 dagar sedan

    They should call this SPACENAUTICA

  105. Groo Wanderer

    Groo Wanderer8 dagar sedan

    Subnautica in space but you get to shoot stuff!!! NICE!

  106. Steve Rutter

    Steve Rutter8 dagar sedan

    Not on the store here in the uk??

  107. robsontpk

    robsontpk8 dagar sedan

    ok, the chicken convinced me to buy this :D

  108. TheGamersPerspective

    TheGamersPerspective8 dagar sedan

    Didnt this get an awful review on pc? Or a game very similar to it

  109. Dank Farrik

    Dank Farrik8 dagar sedan

    PSVR version when?

  110. Mark D Johnson

    Mark D Johnson8 dagar sedan

    Not on the store???

  111. Cesar Al

    Cesar Al8 dagar sedan

    stop scrolling! 99% of comments are: "subnautica but in space"

  112. Vladuhius

    Vladuhius6 dagar sedan


  113. Rob Geach

    Rob Geach7 dagar sedan

    to be fair, that's because the entire game looks exactly like subnautica but in space.

  114. Dangelo Woods

    Dangelo Woods8 dagar sedan

    Thanks 🤣🤣 instantly stopped

  115. Anthony -Z

    Anthony -Z8 dagar sedan

    Subnautica…but space

  116. Flavio Alexandre

    Flavio Alexandre8 dagar sedan

    Were is the game in psn from Brasil?

  117. Sedat Ates

    Sedat Ates8 dagar sedan

    it was so boring to travel from place to place hopefully they increase the travel speed

  118. LasLantic Gaming

    LasLantic Gaming8 dagar sedan

    Seems like what No Man's Land should have been