The Colonists - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

The Colonists is coming to PlayStation on May 4th! This relaxing settlement building game was inspired by classics like Anno and The Settlers. Help these cute robots build their dream settlement. Each bot has a job to fulfil, from harvesting crops and fishing at the lake, to transporting resources and discovering distant lands. Help them work together to achieve automated harmony.


  1. Budus Busham

    Budus BushamDag sedan

    Factorio: chill mode

  2. Kamal Akeem

    Kamal Akeem3 dagar sedan

    this an interesting look

  3. Shooey 505

    Shooey 5055 dagar sedan

    Wait why do these robots need food?...

  4. MrCringeFest

    MrCringeFest5 dagar sedan

    England: the game

  5. WolvesVille

    WolvesVille5 dagar sedan

    Oh I seriously want to play this

  6. Trophy hunter Rohin

    Trophy hunter Rohin6 dagar sedan

    Ps plus game for may 2021

  7. Aaron Schram

    Aaron Schram6 dagar sedan

    Why do robots need to fish and farm?

  8. Ayaan

    Ayaan6 dagar sedan

    Alternate title: white people simulator

  9. The Meme Team

    The Meme Team6 dagar sedan

    Another game I’m never ever going to play 😃

  10. Press X to Start

    Press X to Start6 dagar sedan

    This launches on the day PS Plus MAY games get released so guys id hold off, theres a chance this will be a ps plus launch game :)

  11. zilong pangkam

    zilong pangkam6 dagar sedan

    Boring game concept

  12. Ronald Raygun

    Ronald Raygun6 dagar sedan

    Can you wipe out the native people or life forms on a planet?

  13. CommonViewer

    CommonViewer6 dagar sedan

    Just curious, but why would robots need sheep and cows? Don't humans need sheeps and cows because of the symbiotic relationship we have with them? Unless..... the robots are secretly human??? :O

  14. Gustavo P. R. da Silva

    Gustavo P. R. da Silva7 dagar sedan

    Why bread, cattle, sheep? Why a boat when they arrived by a rocket? Are they just preparing the place for the REAL settlers to arrive in few days? I would expect my robots to build better shelter than a wood shack...

  15. Timeless 4589

    Timeless 45897 dagar sedan

    Theirs no reason not to send out robots to do the ground work for us.

  16. Dgeoe

    Dgeoe7 dagar sedan

    Will this be on switch?

  17. Darkphoenix-I

    Darkphoenix-I7 dagar sedan


  18. Scrubby Scrubz

    Scrubby Scrubz7 dagar sedan

    no u

  19. FGIV

    FGIV7 dagar sedan

    This would be amazing in VR!

  20. Buck Roger

    Buck Roger7 dagar sedan

    Always liked these types of games but the question remains, why are robots fishing and farming 🤔🤔

  21. liconite

    liconite7 dagar sedan

    Куте гейм

  22. Haşimus

    Haşimus7 dagar sedan

    Looks like animal crossing

  23. C74

    C747 dagar sedan

    Of course they’re white 😤. Lol

  24. Chad Tyronous Rex

    Chad Tyronous Rex7 dagar sedan

    So when little robots colonize it's adorable but when white men do it, it's evil. Smh

  25. Kilo209 X

    Kilo209 X7 dagar sedan

    When does it come out

  26. Almajd Life Official

    Almajd Life Official7 dagar sedan

    More fun thanks

  27. Matkat Music

    Matkat Music7 dagar sedan

    When you can't handle Surviving Mars...

  28. Chrishy

    Chrishy7 dagar sedan

    why do the robots need to produce food and fish tho??

  29. Buck Roger

    Buck Roger7 dagar sedan

    Maybe for trade? I'm just as lost as well.

  30. AmericanGoonerMax

    AmericanGoonerMax7 dagar sedan

    How long till some people cry about the games title?

  31. HunterMZx23

    HunterMZx237 dagar sedan

    I like how the colonists are white lol

  32. CODfish

    CODfish7 dagar sedan

    Some of these robots have an absolute dump truck back there

  33. KaidyPerry

    KaidyPerry5 dagar sedan


  34. Saltyr

    Saltyr7 dagar sedan

    Take a walk outside. 😂


    ASHELHI7 dagar sedan

    The type of game where u just chill 😌

  36. Obscure Anomaly

    Obscure Anomaly7 dagar sedan

    Where are the black robots? 🤔

  37. 118PSA47 Chandhrajeet Menon

    118PSA47 Chandhrajeet Menon7 dagar sedan

    Minecraft:- finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary.

  38. 118PSA47 Chandhrajeet Menon

    118PSA47 Chandhrajeet Menon7 dagar sedan

    @Gustavo P. R. da Silva no

  39. Gustavo P. R. da Silva

    Gustavo P. R. da Silva7 dagar sedan

    Have you tried Dragon Quest Builders 2? That is an amazing game

  40. Duke5150

    Duke51507 dagar sedan

    and it's cancelled. 💩

  41. Miguel Angel Medina Rise

    Miguel Angel Medina Rise7 dagar sedan


  42. Jojo Ash

    Jojo Ash7 dagar sedan

    Sponsored by astrobots too. Pretty please or cheers. Aka playstation exclusive baby's.

  43. Jojo Ash

    Jojo Ash7 dagar sedan

    Definitely, CITIES SKYLINE WHO?.

  44. Jojo Ash

    Jojo Ash7 dagar sedan

    Customize Online Create share mode & PHOTO MODE ETC TOO????????????? Or endless DLCS?

  45. Jojo Ash

    Jojo Ash7 dagar sedan

    Recolonized Marches on . Or nothing new. Or LOL

  46. Tim Jörgensen

    Tim Jörgensen7 dagar sedan

    Yes yes yes. ❤️❤️❤️

  47. Mert

    Mert7 dagar sedan

    look pretty nice. i love simulation games and this is a different one, i mean the concept. ima try it for sure.

  48. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer7 dagar sedan

    Sony is knowingly charging PS+ members for Days Gone even though its supposed to be free.

  49. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer7 dagar sedan

    @D3me4 Not in this case, the were charging for it from the PS+ section but it's fixed now.

  50. D3me4

    D3me47 dagar sedan

    Might depend where you are from maybe. Other places in the world get different ps+ deals sometimes

  51. Mitch

    Mitch7 dagar sedan

    looks sick

  52. Geek Hazu

    Geek Hazu7 dagar sedan

    "mOrE LiKe tHe RaCiStS!"

  53. drumsallday19

    drumsallday197 dagar sedan

    cities skylines but cartoony? looks interesting. and like, robots don't need food and sustenance like humans though.

  54. gokusondbz

    gokusondbz7 dagar sedan

    Minecraft meets wall-e ?.

  55. Oboro

    Oboro7 dagar sedan

    Wow nice another builder game.

  56. Chris McDonald

    Chris McDonald7 dagar sedan

    I’m listening 🤔

  57. PURU DEV

    PURU DEV7 dagar sedan

    Useless why r robots doing fishing and farming they should be mining metals for themselves and why a train using steam engine when u have a machanical space faring race The game is ok a relaxing it may be to some but for most they would have such questions which will make them bored with The logics/working of the game r very much flawed it likely game made by copy paste editing of codes As if the robots where a organic race then doing all this would be justified Anyway useless and flawed game

  58. Buck Roger

    Buck Roger7 dagar sedan

    They should be building cybertron.

  59. Tabryne Figaro

    Tabryne Figaro7 dagar sedan

    If it's an empty planet why did they have an arrow tower? What robots need to farm or raise sheep? 😯

  60. Buck Roger

    Buck Roger7 dagar sedan

    They are growing food for their sheep and the sheep are their women 😅

  61. its ME

    its ME7 dagar sedan

    nice ;D

  62. Unknown Pleasures

    Unknown Pleasures7 dagar sedan

    Animal Crossing for Playstation

  63. Paiwand Bahaden

    Paiwand Bahaden7 dagar sedan

    i want dreamworks animation battle royale please😢😢😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  64. Nox

    Nox7 dagar sedan

    I Like the Idea If Its done Correctly

  65. criminal rushi

    criminal rushi7 dagar sedan

    I dath tammoro plzz support me

  66. Sultan Alshmrani

    Sultan Alshmrani7 dagar sedan

    thank u for the inclusion of my home town isarael

  67. Based Crusader

    Based Crusader7 dagar sedan

    😎 white people simulator lets go!

  68. Swiftix

    Swiftix7 dagar sedan

    You'd think you don't need to feed the robots.. but nope apparently they wanna EAT BREAD

  69. Tabryne Figaro

    Tabryne Figaro7 dagar sedan

    They had sheep too, I'm guessing it's not for clothing.🤔

  70. saberkix

    saberkix7 dagar sedan

    britain intensifies

  71. Mickice

    Mickice7 dagar sedan

    Another one.

  72. Neon Ninja XD

    Neon Ninja XD7 dagar sedan

    This Is A Countyside In PS4

  73. YT Kurama

    YT Kurama7 dagar sedan


  74. Neon Ninja XD

    Neon Ninja XD7 dagar sedan

    Yes Art Style Now

  75. Joel Hardaway

    Joel Hardaway7 dagar sedan

    Finally, a game where I don’t have to feed my colonist

  76. José Vásquez

    José Vásquez7 dagar sedan

    But they can go fishing... (???)

  77. Jiggly Bumflesh

    Jiggly Bumflesh7 dagar sedan

    But u have to periodically charge them or some other nonsense 🤣

  78. Arthur

    Arthur7 dagar sedan

    Looks cool but.... 0:20 forward it seems that the game wasn't smooth.. For something that low on graphics, it should be better.

  79. Psi Prime

    Psi Prime7 dagar sedan

    @Arthur he means that if u arent able to make a game u should just shut up if u cant make it better

  80. ArchangelOfNight

    ArchangelOfNight7 dagar sedan

    @Zoleux Oh, so now paying customers aren't allowed to make valid criticisms of the products they buy. Gotcha.

  81. Arthur

    Arthur7 dagar sedan

    @Zoleux I'm not developing any, don't know where you read on my comment that I was.

  82. Zoleux

    Zoleux7 dagar sedan

    Looking forward to your game. 🤭

  83. Gaming With Cov

    Gaming With Cov7 dagar sedan

    You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,

  84. befunk9

    befunk97 dagar sedan

    It's like if Wall-E and EVE had kids

  85. Eli

    Eli5 dagar sedan

    Rule 34 artist: write that down

  86. dogg01-chan

    dogg01-chan6 dagar sedan

    Maybe it is

  87. butterball

    butterball7 dagar sedan


  88. CaitHorrorShow

    CaitHorrorShow7 dagar sedan

    Definitely checking this out

  89. Earth Kingdom Gaming

    Earth Kingdom Gaming7 dagar sedan

    Really like this art style.

  90. josaph cj7

    josaph cj77 dagar sedan

    Another relaxing "after work" soothing game.

  91. Tomoya Toko

    Tomoya Toko5 dagar sedan

    Or instead of work because the real world has many problems 😩

  92. PSplayer 13

    PSplayer 136 dagar sedan

    Or like during a sports game

  93. Grae Hansen

    Grae Hansen7 dagar sedan

    Or between work

  94. lillo lilloso

    lillo lilloso7 dagar sedan

    Or during work

  95. PSplayer 13

    PSplayer 137 dagar sedan

    Or before work

  96. UnderdogPl4ys

    UnderdogPl4ys7 dagar sedan


  97. josaph cj7

    josaph cj77 dagar sedan

    And.......... it'd be 60$, thank u !! Btw, game really looks nice.

  98. josaph cj7

    josaph cj77 dagar sedan


  99. Sandy 999

    Sandy 9997 dagar sedan

    It looks so cute

  100. Adam Abdelaziz

    Adam Abdelaziz7 dagar sedan


  101. Velocity Viber

    Velocity Viber7 dagar sedan

    Why isn't this ps5

  102. BanaNA PeeL

    BanaNA PeeL7 dagar sedan

    Never been so early

  103. BanaNA PeeL

    BanaNA PeeL7 dagar sedan

    @Chewie -V oh sorry mate 😞

  104. Chewie -V

    Chewie -V7 dagar sedan

    Who cares

  105. SkewHops

    SkewHops7 dagar sedan

    This is so wrong

  106. Scrubby Scrubz

    Scrubby Scrubz7 dagar sedan


  107. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

    1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?7 dagar sedan

    “Congrats to Everyone who is early and who found this comment🛩

  108. Underdog

    Underdog7 dagar sedan

    Ps2 gameplay?

  109. D3me4

    D3me47 dagar sedan

    @Mr_moseby i prefer something this style cause not many people know how to make ultra realistic and it just looks bad. Plus better graphics doesn't mean better gameplay, unless of course the gameplay is all about it's graphics then they get double criticism

  110. Mr_moseby

    Mr_moseby7 dagar sedan

    Yes how dare this game have stylised graphics instead of ultra realistic

  111. James Oh Burn

    James Oh Burn7 dagar sedan

    Found the redditor.

  112. Timotarius

    Timotarius7 dagar sedan

    just cause something has indie graphics doesnt mean a ps2 can handle this.

  113. Spooki Rock

    Spooki Rock7 dagar sedan


  114. Underdog

    Underdog7 dagar sedan

    What is this 😊