Oddworld: Soulstorm - Launch Trailer l PS5, PS4

Abe's epic story explodes in this all-new adventure. Oddworld: Soulstorm is an explosive action-adventure game complete with crafting, scavenging, platforming, and sneaking. It’s the story of an impossible flight against an opposing force that will use every means at their well-funded disposal, from propaganda to brutal force to deadly violence, to stop Abe and the uprising. Oddworld: Soulstorm, now available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4.


  1. Zorlok

    Zorlok5 timmar sedan

    I didn't expect to ever see a new version of this game. Very pleasant surprise. It looks even better than the previous one

  2. Dio 1889

    Dio 188913 timmar sedan

    Why did they have to remove the original boneheaded executives trio? They were my favorites 😠

  3. Um Otaku Nada Kawaii

    Um Otaku Nada Kawaii15 timmar sedan

    The game looks like animation movie

  4. sfturbo

    sfturboDag sedan

    Too bad I hit a progression blocking bug on day 1 and had to drop the game and haven't got the chance to pick it up. Next time pls test your game properly.

  5. ZenIceHero

    ZenIceHero2 dagar sedan

    Im def wanna buy and play this game Abbe is a classic but extremely underrated series

  6. yu zhong

    yu zhong3 dagar sedan

    The game does not work on my ps5 thank you Sony 🙂

  7. adamcharney

    adamcharney3 dagar sedan

    Take my money!!!

  8. that dude gamer

    that dude gamer3 dagar sedan

    Out of anything we could have gotten u gave us this

  9. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn2 dagar sedan

    Because Oddworld is awesome.

  10. Brandon Rybolt

    Brandon Rybolt4 dagar sedan

    Loved this game as a kid

  11. Kelvin Lynch

    Kelvin Lynch4 dagar sedan


  12. Cultze

    Cultze4 dagar sedan

    Me on Xbox:

  13. Martin Tedder

    Martin Tedder4 dagar sedan

    I want to play this SO bad! But I'm going to wait untill they finally sell ps5's again.... So add 1+ to the sale numbers already... Imma gonna get!

  14. artillery

    artillery5 dagar sedan

    And remember save them all or get a bad ending!😡

  15. Alexander Scott

    Alexander Scott5 dagar sedan

    I’ve never played an Oddworld game before. Is it too late to start?

  16. RhonDOH

    RhonDOH2 dagar sedan

    Nope. You WILL fall in love with Abe no matter what. The mystics, the evil capitalist overlords, saving everyone you can, tiptoeing, challenging platform puzzles...all still the same themes as the old-school Oddworld games. C'mon in! 😃

  17. harold boucherjr

    harold boucherjr5 dagar sedan

    Bought it! Love it! Please let me switch the dpad to movement and left sick to speak.

  18. Hasan Read

    Hasan Read5 dagar sedan

    I subscribed for ps4 plus service but didn't get it for free why 😢😢

  19. wasted time

    wasted time4 dagar sedan

    It is free in the ps5, not on the ps4

  20. nemo demolished gamer

    nemo demolished gamer5 dagar sedan

    !!!*!This game Is only made to Insult PS5 !!!!That's it *!!

  21. Магжан Жаксылык

    Магжан Жаксылык5 dagar sedan

    Munch and Stranger- where the f...ck are we ?

  22. Bandicoot Sauce

    Bandicoot Sauce5 dagar sedan

    Caddy just went maddy. But he isn't a baddy. So aren't we all gladdy?

  23. SotNist

    SotNist5 dagar sedan

    Abe forever.

  24. Ali Hareb

    Ali Hareb6 dagar sedan

    I download but its not work why its black screen

  25. Terra Vinco

    Terra Vinco6 dagar sedan

    Looks amazing. I still wish they would have kept the og mudokon design though...

  26. Kamdin DeValentino

    Kamdin DeValentino6 dagar sedan

    Is this gonna be ps4 exclusive?

  27. Kamdin DeValentino

    Kamdin DeValentino6 dagar sedan

    Ps exclusive*

  28. Mohammad Moradi

    Mohammad Moradi6 dagar sedan


  29. Nero Vz

    Nero Vz6 dagar sedan

    Trailer Song please?

  30. Andy cairns

    Andy cairns6 dagar sedan

    This looks hard not gonna lie


    HERE IST4ND6 dagar sedan

    1 minute of silence for those waithing on a PS5

  32. skrenja

    skrenja6 dagar sedan

    Their blood is green now? Lol.

  33. Dee Harp

    Dee Harp6 dagar sedan

    Sony Get them a reconstruction Patch. NO reason us PS5 owners have to play this at 1440p.

  34. theULTIMATETetris

    theULTIMATETetris6 dagar sedan

    If this does well, is there a possibility of a Stranger's Wrath remake?

  35. Comics Misexplained

    Comics Misexplained6 dagar sedan

    Still can’t believe they gave us this game for free 🙏👽

  36. Real Talk

    Real Talk4 dagar sedan

    @Hasan Read There's a comment thread in this page by a user Pegasus, read the thread to find out how to possibly get it on PS4.

  37. Couch gaming news

    Couch gaming news5 dagar sedan

    @Hasan Read oof

  38. Hasan Read

    Hasan Read5 dagar sedan

    I subscribed for ps4 plus service but didn't get it for free

  39. Pearse Traynor

    Pearse Traynor6 dagar sedan

    There is no Abe in Ba Sing Se

  40. Will K

    Will K6 dagar sedan

    Wow. I mean I guess it's cool that it got updates, but this is more like an entirely new game than it is a remake of Abe's Exoddus.

  41. Kerim Luca

    Kerim Luca5 dagar sedan

    They never said that it's going to be a remake, they said it's more of a "reimagining". Basically the game they always wanted Exoddus to be, but never had enough time/resources to implement.

  42. Ilham Susanto

    Ilham Susanto6 dagar sedan

    for me, the game is very fun and i really like it 👍

  43. Dribble Piss

    Dribble Piss6 dagar sedan

    Only the old school gamer will remember this growing up gr2at to see it back with a bang

  44. Martin Tedder

    Martin Tedder6 dagar sedan

    HA! Finally a reason for me to get a PS5! Now just to find a shop where they sell one....

  45. Discontent Creator

    Discontent Creator6 dagar sedan

    It looks fantastic, besides the HUD.

  46. The Soul Gamer

    The Soul Gamer6 dagar sedan

    This deserves a movie

  47. Soylent Company

    Soylent Company6 dagar sedan

    Lets just let a game be a game

  48. Denis GoesPro

    Denis GoesPro7 dagar sedan

    the game is.. meh

  49. mr marvelous

    mr marvelous7 dagar sedan

    wats with graphics mode n der nuting in der only gamma

  50. König

    König7 dagar sedan

    I'm a Xbox player and I love this game, Ps5 will definitely be my next console.🙂🤘

  51. Magic Animation

    Magic Animation7 dagar sedan

    Классная серия игр для PlayStation one. Очень рад, что их сделали с классной графикой! ❤️🔥⚡

  52. Leaks and Leaks

    Leaks and Leaks7 dagar sedan

    Free for PS5 owners

  53. Huj Mamin

    Huj Mamin7 dagar sedan

    I didnt like ps4 version of that game. Its boring, and actually disgusting.

  54. matt mozgiel

    matt mozgiel7 dagar sedan

    Love Oddworld. Really hope they go back to the Brutal Ballad of Fangus. The concept art for that one looked awesome.

  55. Matt

    Matt7 dagar sedan

    Looks smooth, just not big on side strollers aside from hollow knight of blasphemous. I'll give it it a go, why not.

  56. Ben benjamin

    Ben benjamin7 dagar sedan

    "Okay" "Follow Me"




  58. Sandy 999

    Sandy 9997 dagar sedan

    What glitch is that?! Sounds concerning, 😲

  59. MesserPavolo

    MesserPavolo7 dagar sedan

    Such hope in this brand

  60. BlackArro Cartoons

    BlackArro Cartoons7 dagar sedan

    Nicely done trailer. The Abe concept is great as in the prior games, about fighting to not be someone's next meal.

  61. TheKillSwitch

    TheKillSwitch7 dagar sedan

    Downloading now! Let's gooo!

  62. Mohammed Quibriya

    Mohammed Quibriya7 dagar sedan

    SAVE THEM ALL Proceeds to show like 15 of them get bodied 💀😂

  63. Angsty Goblin Entertainment

    Angsty Goblin Entertainment6 dagar sedan

    ...that's the point

  64. Grant Rawlins

    Grant Rawlins7 dagar sedan


  65. Grant Rawlins

    Grant Rawlins7 dagar sedan

    @TheKillSwitch !!!! I’m really not a gamer (I only play Crash Bandicoot, Zelda, DBZ and Oddworld), so that is super useful information! 🥲 Thanks brother!

  66. TheKillSwitch

    TheKillSwitch7 dagar sedan

    Even if you can't, you can add the game to your library if you have PS+, then when you do get the PS5, you can play this game.

  67. Vintage Eagle

    Vintage Eagle7 dagar sedan

    Hello Hello Follow me Ok *pfft* Heheh

  68. Himal

    Himal7 dagar sedan

    If you're on ps4 you can get the game in your libary (free from ps plus) from google playstation but can't play the game until you get a ps5

  69. Himal

    Himal6 dagar sedan

    @locally Hated I'm gonna get a ps5 eventually so I'd rather have some free games when I get the console

  70. locally Hated

    locally Hated7 dagar sedan

    Or you can play now on ps4 but just have to pay $40 for it

  71. andre surles

    andre surles7 dagar sedan

    After playing this for a few mins I just want someone to make a new Flash Back and Out of this World

  72. DeejayXCrypt

    DeejayXCrypt7 dagar sedan

    Yea yea... all will be purchased a.s.a.p but where’s my console??

  73. Stefano Caschetto

    Stefano Caschetto7 dagar sedan

    Abe: "Hello" Me: "Hello" Abe: "Follow me" Me: *"Always"*

  74. Extra Onions

    Extra Onions6 dagar sedan

    Abe: "Hello" Me: "Hello" Abe: "Like, share and subscribe. Also follow me on my other social media" Me: "Ok"

  75. Stefan Reifarth

    Stefan Reifarth7 dagar sedan

    i got it ❤️

  76. Vermisst.

    Vermisst.7 dagar sedan

    The animations are just crazy

  77. L1191

    L11917 dagar sedan

    Sadly 😥 I'm on Xbox

  78. Alessandro Paolessi

    Alessandro Paolessi7 dagar sedan

    Played it and finished it: M A S T E R P I E C E

  79. Slim Ben Romdhane

    Slim Ben Romdhane7 dagar sedan

    I used to love this game 😍😍😍

  80. HyperSonicXtreme

    HyperSonicXtreme7 dagar sedan

    0:49 Abe: I'm about to end this Glukkons career & company once and for all.

  81. Doom Guy

    Doom Guy7 dagar sedan

    I want Munch back loved playing munches odyssey on original xbox

  82. Noob Abyss

    Noob Abyss7 dagar sedan

    Its already cracked for free & cheat trainer.

  83. Peter Ledson

    Peter Ledson7 dagar sedan

    So cool that this is free for PS5!! Looks awesome

  84. Master of the First Race of the Universe, The Ultimate Conqueror.

    Master of the First Race of the Universe, The Ultimate Conqueror.6 dagar sedan

    On PS Plus

  85. Yasviele Pacifica

    Yasviele Pacifica7 dagar sedan

    Looks crazy enough to work... and by crazy I mean, violent, frenetic and so cool

  86. MrHamerbush

    MrHamerbush7 dagar sedan

    definitely getting this.

  87. Falconizer 64

    Falconizer 647 dagar sedan

    I think I know what caddy's next video is going to be about.....

  88. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn2 dagar sedan

    If he can actually get his computers working.

  89. TheKillSwitch

    TheKillSwitch7 dagar sedan

    🙏 Hope so!

  90. CPD98

    CPD987 dagar sedan

    Greath month for PS Plus members

  91. Ps5

    Ps57 dagar sedan

    Another gift from Sony Playstation to the true players

  92. Ps5

    Ps56 dagar sedan

    @AppleToaster thats It Bro, ps plus collection is the best selection of the best games for the last 10 YEARS. ONLY on PLAYSTATION TRUE MASTER RACE

  93. AppleToaster

    AppleToaster6 dagar sedan

    I hate when people say "oh but you're paying PS Plus so it's not really free right???????" Like bruh last few months have been giving away some of the best games. For PS5 players you get right away a whole collection of the BEST games. There's so much value on this that yeah, I consider it free. Specially when you get it for around $30 in CDKeys.

  94. pexeq

    pexeq7 dagar sedan

    Would love to play this on a PS5.

  95. locally Hated

    locally Hated7 dagar sedan

    I hope you do soon It's absolutely amazing

  96. Alexander Karp

    Alexander Karp7 dagar sedan

    Free PS5 games, I'm not complaining! 😁👍

  97. Geoffrey Willemsen

    Geoffrey Willemsen7 dagar sedan

    That seems pretty cool

  98. CMONCMON007

    CMONCMON0077 dagar sedan

    Is this like a remake of Abe's Exodus? Which was the 2nd game in the series...

  99. CMONCMON007

    CMONCMON00712 timmar sedan

    @Mr.Prestto Sauce thanks for the info

  100. Mr.Prestto Sauce

    Mr.Prestto SauceDag sedan

    It's a reimagining

  101. Synysterpain

    Synysterpain7 dagar sedan

    I wasn't too interested, till I found out it was free with plus lol if i like it, I'll be trying out the rest of the series.

  102. Negan the walking bad

    Negan the walking bad7 dagar sedan

    The game is fantastic! I play in on my ps4 pro, i had too change some options too let it run smoothly, but its better now. For now i bash trough the game and after that i am going too try too save all the mudokons

  103. Random Picks

    Random Picks7 dagar sedan

    There surely is an uprising guys, the uprising of Oddworld, the franchise, and the fans coming all together. IN ODD WE TRUST!!!!!!!

  104. Nero Vz

    Nero Vz6 dagar sedan

    Hand of Odd!!!

  105. Mcgarnagle

    Mcgarnagle7 dagar sedan

    You mean "Abe"

  106. kemuael

    kemuael7 dagar sedan

    Got this free for Ps Plus April 2021 for th PS5 and I don't own a PS5. Lol

  107. Mark Leon

    Mark Leon7 dagar sedan

    This looks freaking fantastic!

  108. banana peel

    banana peel7 dagar sedan

    Xbox better

  109. prohelling

    prohelling7 dagar sedan

    Anyone has problem with the game on PS5? It's not starting. I get black screen imediately when I start the game.

  110. Sexy Gemini Man

    Sexy Gemini Man7 dagar sedan

    Shame i'm not a fan of this franchise....🤷🏾‍♂️

  111. сяува тв

    сяува тв7 dagar sedan

    Where is Ratchat PlayStation?

  112. KITTY

    KITTY7 dagar sedan

    Pls help somebody jacked my ps4 acc and i cant login pls help dont know what to do🤧😭

  113. Learn Tube

    Learn Tube7 dagar sedan

    Anyone played this game? Should we buy it?

  114. reefchiefer

    reefchiefer6 dagar sedan

    It's free on ps5 right now and even if you dont have one yet I believe there is a way to add it through the app so that you'll have it free when you do get ps5. Personally I wouldnt pay money for soulstorm but if the oddworld franchise is your jam then it may be worth it to you..

  115. Sheikh Asif Ali

    Sheikh Asif Ali7 dagar sedan

    Restock Digital Edition console In India

  116. willow x rash's world

    willow x rash's world7 dagar sedan

    The graphics are better than strangers wrath

  117. Mr.Prestto Sauce

    Mr.Prestto SauceDag sedan

    Strangers Wrath launched a decade ago,of course this looks better

  118. E V

    E V7 dagar sedan

    Xbox no games. 👍

  119. Night Moon Skies

    Night Moon Skies7 dagar sedan

    Got it today and loving every minute

  120. TheGebs24

    TheGebs247 dagar sedan

    I’ll be downloading this for sure

  121. ASHELHI

    ASHELHI7 dagar sedan

    The type of game that's sooo underrated

  122. Käptn Kook

    Käptn Kook6 dagar sedan

    Oddworld's Curse... and blessing.


    STELLAR MIGHTY7 dagar sedan


  124. 3Metre

    3Metre7 dagar sedan

    Where is strangers wraith 2?🥲

  125. galaxy defteri

    galaxy defteri7 dagar sedan


  126. Käptn Kook

    Käptn Kook6 dagar sedan


  127. TheKillSwitch

    TheKillSwitch7 dagar sedan

    I know, it's awesome.

  128. chris

    chris7 dagar sedan

    Much's odyssey will forever remain my favorite oddworld game but I'm downloading new and tasty in preparation for this !

  129. bloodrunsclear

    bloodrunsclear7 dagar sedan

    'Save them all!' Um...not the way I play these games ^^;

  130. Pegasus Actua

    Pegasus Actua7 dagar sedan

    If you dont have a PS5 but have plus just know you can claim this game through the PS app so that its available when you do eventually get a 5

  131. noobslayer 69

    noobslayer 696 dagar sedan

    @Blunt Talk Then you should be able to

  132. Blunt Talk

    Blunt Talk7 dagar sedan

    @Pegasus Actua I'm in the US

  133. - Driveshaft

    - Driveshaft7 dagar sedan

    @Pegasus Actua Same in Europe. 🙏🏻☺️

  134. Pegasus Actua

    Pegasus Actua7 dagar sedan

    @Blunt Talk Dont know where you reside but on the US store with my PS4 linked to the app (i dont have a PS5) i can still add any of the PS5 plus releases to my library. I cant access them without a PS5 but they are saved in my library for whenever i can play them.

  135. Blunt Talk

    Blunt Talk7 dagar sedan

    @Pegasus Actua they allow you to add ps plus games for ps5 without having the console linked to the app?? Mine wouldn't even let me purchase ps5 games without linking

  136. Raul Cer

    Raul Cer7 dagar sedan

    Juegazo, no aparenta lo que es al tener una visión lateral, desde sus orígenes demostró que era diferente y se mereció más, por suerte para todos volvemos a tener una segunda oportunidad y sin duda la espera habrá merecido la pena, mi único deseo es q no haya q esperar 7 años para ver el siguiente episodio donde me imagino tendrár que reinventarse, espero disfrutar la pentalogia q es esta saga