Oddworld: Soulstorm - Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Let's play Oddworld: Soulstorm! We're joined by Oddworld Inhabitants' Lorne Lanning and Benny Terry for a peek at the dangers Abe will face on his quest to save as many Mudokons as possible.
Oddworld: Soulstorm is available now on PS4 and PS5!


  1. Michael K

    Michael K2 dagar sedan

    Joe Rogan is such a cool guy... Who knew he liked oddworld so much!

  2. Screwed Circuitz Inc.

    Screwed Circuitz Inc.2 dagar sedan

    11:04 A work of art. Bravo!

  3. Evolved Parasite

    Evolved Parasite2 dagar sedan

    This game is garbage, not even worth playing for free.

  4. Takemura76

    Takemura764 dagar sedan

    Incredible theme and message. So timely in today’s western society.

  5. abcd goldfish

    abcd goldfish5 dagar sedan

    oh wow i just got major nostalgia :o

  6. Raymond Tenda

    Raymond Tenda5 dagar sedan

    Downloading this when ps5 comes out.Will download it ASAP.😃

  7. autosan

    autosan5 dagar sedan

    Never though I'd see this game again after so many years, played the whole series as a kid and definitely going to play this one on ps5 now. Really happy they brought it back! :D

  8. Kurs3

    Kurs35 dagar sedan

    Controls have a weird delay to it.

  9. A h s a h d s l a i m

    A h s a h d s l a i m5 dagar sedan

    Hey playstation why not roblox its there? Can you set roblox in ps4 pls

  10. Tina Kobel

    Tina Kobel5 dagar sedan

    Love OddWorld thank yuo

  11. Darragh O'Leary

    Darragh O'Leary5 dagar sedan

    It's hilarious that they say they want to make it less difficult. But this is the hardest Oddworld yet!

  12. Phills Lifestyle

    Phills Lifestyle5 dagar sedan

    Perfect addition to the PS5

  13. ChrisCa1601

    ChrisCa16015 dagar sedan

    I recently claimed this on PS+. Now if I can just find a PS5 to play it on.

  14. Silvio Silvanus

    Silvio Silvanus6 dagar sedan

    Nobody has a PS5.

  15. Ali Hareb

    Ali Hareb6 dagar sedan

    why the game not work i have ps5 🤔🤔 it's open but black screen

  16. DaPlon

    DaPlon6 dagar sedan

    Just downloaded, and is an Awesome game !!!

  17. Nerdy Gamer Addicts

    Nerdy Gamer Addicts6 dagar sedan

    Why this Side Scrolling bs? I played Oddworld on PS1 or PS2 & it had Free Roam. Really is stupid that Sequels are getting Massive Downgrades.

  18. Andrei Vasilevich

    Andrei Vasilevich6 dagar sedan

    I wonder if the physics feels the same like it was in the original one! I remember the remake before this one that entirely failed on that. We see, we play..

  19. Brandon Boulding

    Brandon Boulding6 dagar sedan

    Awesome game awesome visuals

  20. MR Markos

    MR Markos6 dagar sedan

    Ps4Downloaded freefire?

  21. Santiago Ramos

    Santiago Ramos6 dagar sedan

    It's 2020.... why would i waste my time with a 2d game?

  22. Martin Brož

    Martin Brož5 dagar sedan

    It's actually 2021 and Soulstorm is an amazing game. 😉

  23. 내인생게임젤다야숨

    내인생게임젤다야숨7 dagar sedan


  24. Cameron Box

    Cameron Box7 dagar sedan

    I didnt know Hank Schrader made video games

  25. Absolynth

    Absolynth7 dagar sedan

    Looks like its taking Abe to the next level!

  26. RanDoom VidEoos

    RanDoom VidEoos7 dagar sedan

    Boring game.... like the others

  27. Sir Vilhelm

    Sir Vilhelm7 dagar sedan

    I thought this said dark souls

  28. Philip Howell

    Philip Howell7 dagar sedan

    Sounded like Howard Stern at the beginning.

  29. Game Metal

    Game Metal7 dagar sedan

    This game is amazing. So glad it came out I’m so enjoying it. I really enjoyed the older games and this one plays much better than the older versions very happy. Nice job

  30. CaptHotah

    CaptHotah7 dagar sedan

    Hope this runs on the ps5 in 4k 60fps

  31. E V

    E V7 dagar sedan

    Played this when I was a kid. Now I’m playing with my kids. Thanks Sony.

  32. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla5 dagar sedan

    @Michael yes, i know.

  33. Michael

    Michael5 dagar sedan

    @Depressed Godzilla this is a reboot of an existing series from the PS1 days

  34. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla5 dagar sedan

    How did you play a game that was released few days ago? Are you a time traveller?

  35. Roy Paul

    Roy Paul6 dagar sedan

    You are a really cool father

  36. Fock Yutuub

    Fock Yutuub7 dagar sedan

    Wasnt interested in this game before. But this was a great video and I'm gonna play this game!

  37. Alexander Karp

    Alexander Karp7 dagar sedan

    Looks and runs great on PS5 , great work 👍

  38. David Eduardo Gonzalez Caballero

    David Eduardo Gonzalez Caballero7 dagar sedan

    Give us some PS Vita and PS3 digital sales, now that you're killing both platforms...

  39. ChrisCa1601

    ChrisCa16015 dagar sedan


  40. Realistik Grafik

    Realistik Grafik7 dagar sedan


  41. shadowfallenable

    shadowfallenable7 dagar sedan

    Soooo No Xbox Love on this one. 😔

  42. The_Only_Yoyo2B

    The_Only_Yoyo2B7 dagar sedan

    Wheres Indiemaus? Souls is in the title he should be here

  43. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer7 dagar sedan

    Sony is knowingly charging PS+ members for Days Gone even though its supposed to be free.

  44. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer6 dagar sedan

    @_Iron_Wolf101 0 Read the comments above yours.

  45. _Iron_Wolf101 0

    _Iron_Wolf101 06 dagar sedan

    @The Dreamer what are you even on about

  46. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer7 dagar sedan

    @Seth Ross I was talking about for April PS+ not PS+ collection and yes now its working but for a few hours they were changing PS+ members.

  47. Seth Ross

    Seth Ross7 dagar sedan

    What are you talking about? It’s free for all members now. If you’re talking about the ps plus collection that’s for ps5.

  48. Whistel

    Whistel7 dagar sedan

    De los mejores juegos que existen me pase los 2 primeros de psx,pensar que cuando los habia visto por primera vez habia dicho que era una basura el oddworld jajajs

  49. cristopher oib

    cristopher oib7 dagar sedan

    Stupid game... sony thieves

  50. Abdullah Rajkhan

    Abdullah Rajkhan7 dagar sedan

    There is a problem, I can't play the game 😥, there is only a black screen

  51. Ah Xi

    Ah Xi6 dagar sedan

    Nice 👍

  52. SharkReferee

    SharkReferee7 dagar sedan

    Switch on your TV

  53. Jin

    Jin7 dagar sedan

    This game looks laughably childish and boring

  54. Mike Saint-Jules

    Mike Saint-Jules7 dagar sedan

    1:57 was brutal

  55. Proxy5

    Proxy57 dagar sedan

    I remember playing the original. Loved the puzzle mechanics and game play.

  56. Wil Morales

    Wil Morales7 dagar sedan

    Leave this for the adults not for Fornite players.

  57. Rowar

    Rowar7 dagar sedan

    Ps5 and we continue making games in 2 person 😎

  58. Neil _

    Neil _7 dagar sedan

    Yeah it's great they still make amazing indie and AAA games, so lucky to have PlayStation

  59. Mark M

    Mark M7 dagar sedan

    Been playing it for a few hours on PS5 lots of bugs in it. Needs a patch.

  60. Reden Dok

    Reden Dok7 dagar sedan

    *Worst commentary, great gameplay*

  61. JAXTREY99

    JAXTREY997 dagar sedan

    Wish Sony could bring back sly cooper the way other game companys are bringing these classic games back its kinda sad tbh but i know sly cooper is like a underrated franchise that can never be duplicated again idk but yeah hopefully something happens eventhough i lost hope For that childhood game i never played the oddworld games so this doesn't really hype me up because i aint a fan sorry but yeah ❤. Happy Tuesday Please sony bring back sly cooper 1 day his anniversary is coming up September 2021.

  62. Lucian Torres

    Lucian Torres7 dagar sedan

    I agree. I never got to play the cooper games when they came out so It would be nice to have a remaster or remake. They did something like that for ratchet and clank.

  63. Kostas Eros

    Kostas Eros7 dagar sedan

    looks disgusting. camera is too far away and environment and graphics too much souped up to enjoy anything.

  64. Lightning Gaming

    Lightning Gaming7 dagar sedan

    I am on ps5 and it's not on the menu

  65. Kevin Quezada

    Kevin Quezada7 dagar sedan

    What a great game. The last time I played a Oddworld game, was on Xbox, Oddworld Munch's Oddysee. I really enjoyed this gameplay video, I can't wait to see the entire game.

  66. D V

    D V7 dagar sedan

    I will give it a try, but the character designs are off putting imo.

  67. Grant Rawlins

    Grant Rawlins7 dagar sedan

    Please release it for Switch asap!! This looks amazing 🥲😭😁

  68. Michael Lynch

    Michael Lynch7 dagar sedan

    Looks great. Can't wait to get a PS5 so I can play the better version.

  69. SharkReferee

    SharkReferee6 dagar sedan

    @Michael Lynch to be fair, the level of humour does of course depend what kind of PC people run. I'm not talking about potato puters obviously

  70. Michael Lynch

    Michael Lynch6 dagar sedan

    @SharkReferee That's actually pretty funny.

  71. SharkReferee

    SharkReferee6 dagar sedan

    You spelt PC wrong

  72. Steve Muzak

    Steve Muzak7 dagar sedan

    It's only 2 months. But I play it today on my PS4 Pro and it's awesome so far.

  73. Michael Lynch

    Michael Lynch7 dagar sedan

    @Steve Muzak not to mention the controller vibrations

  74. E M

    E M7 dagar sedan

    Watch the Lorn Lanning interview on Ars Technica and his stories on the creation of the Abe's series, very interesting.

  75. E M

    E M6 dagar sedan

    @Phil Jeavons cheers m8. I mistyped, not mispelled, but thanks anyway.

  76. Phil Jeavons

    Phil Jeavons7 dagar sedan

    What = Watch*

  77. alosheofficial

    alosheofficial7 dagar sedan


  78. melt

    melt7 dagar sedan

    PSN free to play♥

  79. Christopher P.

    Christopher P.7 dagar sedan

    I am completely disappointed in this game. The originals/New n Tasty were far more immersive, "Skill" Based, and the puzzles flowed perfectly. Abe would interact perfectly with the environment which required a lot of attention to detail for each level. This just looks like a lazy ps2 game that has arbitrary gameplay mechanics to make it seem much more complicated. The crafting, icons on the screen, double jump, lack of attention to detail in gameplay/level design lose the immersion, complexity, and challenge the other games had. The only save and grace would be a remaster of Exodus. Very disappointed.

  80. Christopher P.

    Christopher P.7 dagar sedan

    @Romario Williams That's what comments are for! lol

  81. Romario Williams

    Romario Williams7 dagar sedan

    No I ldea what your talking about. You must like to hear yourself talk

  82. manuel garcia

    manuel garcia7 dagar sedan

    Downloaded this to my PS5 can’t wait!!!

  83. william hornedo

    william hornedo7 dagar sedan

    What features are ps5 vs ps4 version?

  84. Carlos

    Carlos7 dagar sedan

    The original game made me feel dumb but I loved it anyways. Lol

  85. Arthur Kashapov

    Arthur Kashapov5 dagar sedan

    @Alexander Karp anyways ok boomer

  86. Alexander Karp

    Alexander Karp7 dagar sedan

    There's no "S" at in the word Anyway, Carlos.

  87. 9inety 7even

    9inety 7even7 dagar sedan

    Awesome game

  88. Tchitchouan Inouane

    Tchitchouan Inouane7 dagar sedan

    mudokons be doomed to crook

  89. Ben benjamin

    Ben benjamin7 dagar sedan

    Can we get more episodes of PlayStation Underground

  90. E M

    E M7 dagar sedan

    What the Lorn Lanning interview on Ars Technica and his stories on the creation of the Abe's series, very interesting.

  91. NHRT

    NHRT7 dagar sedan

    tbh looks really boring

  92. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    @Tchitchouan Inouane i guess you have never played oddysee and exoddus, lol.

  93. Tchitchouan Inouane

    Tchitchouan Inouane7 dagar sedan

    that's because it is boring, oddworld games were never interesting.

  94. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan


  95. morghan kimes

    morghan kimes7 dagar sedan

    Work can’t end soon enough!!! 😩🙌🏾💙

  96. Haris Shakil

    Haris Shakil7 dagar sedan

    Is that Joe Rogan at the start

  97. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    @TheNoid No.... It's Bruce Willis

  98. TheNoid

    TheNoid7 dagar sedan

    No... it’s Lorne Lanning

  99. Uouo007 Os

    Uouo007 Os7 dagar sedan

    Trash 🗑


    JAG REVIEWS7 dagar sedan

    Going to DL it on my PS5 now can't wait to jump in

  101. S GD

    S GD7 dagar sedan

    @Sammy Jung True, I don't know why I didn't think of that since I use it all the time haha thx dude

  102. Sammy Jung

    Sammy Jung7 dagar sedan

    @S GD can't you do it from your phone. I use the ps app

  103. S GD

    S GD7 dagar sedan

    Same, too tired though..

  104. criminal rushi

    criminal rushi7 dagar sedan

    My sister dath plzz support me

  105. SavvySkullz

    SavvySkullz7 dagar sedan

    Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart news? Please make a video showing more gameplay!

  106. Feng Wang

    Feng Wang7 dagar sedan

    I envy everyone in the comment who owns a PS5 already.

  107. jose131991

    jose1319916 dagar sedan

    @Depressed Godzilla that’s something at least...

  108. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    I have a new t-shirt

  109. 4K Racer

    4K Racer7 dagar sedan

    Me but I was so lucky. My neighbor bought two and he was selling me one for the regular price. (Disc version).

  110. Fabio

    Fabio7 dagar sedan

    Your day will come brother

  111. Robin Wells

    Robin Wells7 dagar sedan

    Such a great game series. Criminally underrated

  112. Ilham Susanto

    Ilham Susanto5 dagar sedan

    @Phills Lifestyle Yeah, I totally agree with you 👍

  113. Phills Lifestyle

    Phills Lifestyle5 dagar sedan

    It’s an amazing game

  114. Ilham Susanto

    Ilham Susanto6 dagar sedan

    @Steve Muzak Yeah, I totally agree with you 👍

  115. bob loris

    bob loris6 dagar sedan

    @Steve Muzak i wasn't underrated during its hay day, as it sold millions but that was 20+ yrs ago. Only us OG players remember this series, most of the new age gamers dont care for stuff like this anymore.


    THANOS SNAP7 dagar sedan

    @Steve Muzak stop the cap

  117. 2160 Gamer

    2160 Gamer7 dagar sedan

    Thanks Sony!


    BLACK WOLF7 dagar sedan

    @Depressed Godzilla Stay and cry.

  119. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    @BLACK WOLF Get out? No thanks.


    BLACK WOLF7 dagar sedan

    @Depressed Godzilla Hahaha you can't even play if you want. Then get out of here if you don't like it.

  121. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    @BLACK WOLF you really think i would play this s*itty game?


    BLACK WOLF7 dagar sedan

    @Depressed Godzilla Nothing for you because you didn't get a PS5

  123. Samuel Aikhionbare

    Samuel Aikhionbare7 dagar sedan

    Yeah this def not my type of game, happy for everyone who is excited for this tho.

  124. Camaleon319x

    Camaleon319x7 dagar sedan

    @TheNoid yeah I would give it a try what I am saying is that is focused mainly in the fan base

  125. TheNoid

    TheNoid7 dagar sedan

    @Camaleon319x Oddworld has been a thing since the 90’s, and I would really try to give the game a try, even just watching the cutscenes and reading lore, because it’s vastly in depth.

  126. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud7 dagar sedan

    It’s a gem, like the whole Oddworld series.

  127. Camaleon319x

    Camaleon319x7 dagar sedan

    Is a remake from an old game from what I heard so yeah.....

  128. Jace Dubin

    Jace Dubin7 dagar sedan

    Not my type of game either at all but it’s been such a dry couple of months so I’m gonna check it out. Just gotta wait for deathloop and Ratchet & Clank!!

  129. Claudio O.

    Claudio O.7 dagar sedan

    Ps4? I want to play it!!!

  130. Dyades7

    Dyades77 dagar sedan

    @Rene Franco it's on the store for 40 or 50 euros/dollars. Only free via ps plus on ps5, not on the 4.

  131. Rene Franco

    Rene Franco7 dagar sedan

    I can't find it on ps4. ¡Help!

  132. Dyades7

    Dyades77 dagar sedan

    Yep, it's available on ps4

  133. Michael

    Michael7 dagar sedan

    Xbox fanboys can have that stupid baseball game. This is way better!

  134. Michael

    Michael5 dagar sedan

    @N1ce Dreams started playing it today, awesome game. will probably check out the originals soon

  135. N1ce Dreams

    N1ce Dreams6 dagar sedan

    @Michael you'll never play this game or finish it, facts. 🥴

  136. Ilham Susanto

    Ilham Susanto6 dagar sedan

    @Tchitchouan Inouane Yeah you're right, this game is only for the PlayStation and also PC platform

  137. Ilham Susanto

    Ilham Susanto6 dagar sedan

    @Michael calm down friends, he's just one of a bunch of xbot idiots who are jealous of seeing PlayStation have a better game than xbox

  138. Michael

    Michael6 dagar sedan

    @N1ce Dreams what is there to be salty about? I get to enjoy this fun game at no extra charge and xbox fanboys get nothing

  139. Umbasa

    Umbasa7 dagar sedan

    So is this an exodus remake? Or a retelling?

  140. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    Retelling. Ruined game, such a shame.

  141. Claire Kolb

    Claire Kolb7 dagar sedan

    It's a complete retelling. They put so much work into this, it's amazing.

  142. Crescent_ Tattoo

    Crescent_ Tattoo7 dagar sedan

    A retelling but based off of Exodus

  143. Ruze

    Ruze7 dagar sedan


  144. LaCokaNostra81

    LaCokaNostra817 dagar sedan

    Double jumps?

  145. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    They added so much s*itty stuff to this game

  146. Daniel Junior

    Daniel Junior7 dagar sedan

    Juega a la vista a jugar.... 😄👍💪

  147. Chevy Chelios

    Chevy Chelios7 dagar sedan

    This was nice to watch. The devs clearly enjoyed their time making this game.

  148. E M

    E M7 dagar sedan

    What the Lorn Lanning interview on Ars Technica and his stories on the creation of the Abe's series, very interesting.

  149. bunyamin360

    bunyamin3607 dagar sedan

    Lorne Lanning sounds almost like Hank Schrader lol

  150. Sotero A. Gomez

    Sotero A. Gomez7 dagar sedan

    Downloaded it yesterday, played a bit this morning… best Abe game to date.

  151. Free Flow

    Free Flow7 dagar sedan

    @Sotero A. Gomez too bad the two ps1 classics are along my favorites games.

  152. TheNoid

    TheNoid7 dagar sedan

    @Sotero A. Gomez I can agree with this too 100%, it doesn’t have the stiff feeling that the traditional oddworld games have, it is very impressive and it gives me hope for the future of the studio

  153. Sotero A. Gomez

    Sotero A. Gomez7 dagar sedan

    @Free Flow cause it plays better… smoother… looks better…. Than any other Abe game Ive played and Ive played them all. Only the people who has played Abe’s games thoroughly know what I’m talking about. 👌🏽

  154. Free Flow

    Free Flow7 dagar sedan

    You came to that conclusion after "a bit" of playing? Slow down.

  155. Borislav Vasilev

    Borislav Vasilev7 dagar sedan

    When will the ps5 restock in uk i have been waiting 5 months and it been very hard for me to find:(

  156. Faissal Abouazzaoui

    Faissal Abouazzaoui5 dagar sedan

    @Derek T indeed, then just after 2022 ill wait for the midgen upgrade

  157. Jace Dubin

    Jace Dubin7 dagar sedan

    @zaltmanbleroze ya I got mine the weekend it released from follow accounts on Twitter and helped all my friends get the same month from Twitter !

  158. zaltmanbleroze

    zaltmanbleroze7 dagar sedan

    Follow ps5 stock bots on twitter for your country. You'll get notirications instantly. Got mine last week and starting following stock bots 3 weeks ago. Amazon UK, German, Italy, Spain, france, Netherlands all had Ps5 stock drops past 2 weeks.

  159. Derek T

    Derek T7 dagar sedan

    Wrong place to ask and you will never get one. Till late 2021 to early to mid 2022.

  160. Melee Yoshi

    Melee Yoshi7 dagar sedan

    My PS5 should be arriving this weekend. Can’t wait! 😁

  161. Blake Brisson

    Blake Brisson7 dagar sedan

    My dad should be arriving this week oh wait 🥺

  162. Depressed Godzilla

    Depressed Godzilla7 dagar sedan

    My new telephone should be arriving this weekend. Can't wait! 😁

  163. Ramiz Dayı

    Ramiz Dayı7 dagar sedan

    Fakir Türkler buradamısınız

  164. Annie Banzon

    Annie Banzon7 dagar sedan

    reminds me of "Shadow of the Beast", despite the HD graphics!

  165. GPkeep

    GPkeep7 dagar sedan

    Sadly a day at work will keep me away from abe. Cant wait.

  166. Turkey

    Turkey7 dagar sedan

    I'm looking forward to finally be able to run around this beautiful world of Oddworld and see both new and familiar places

  167. kabogamer

    kabogamer7 dagar sedan

    @Turkey sucribe

  168. Turkey

    Turkey7 dagar sedan

    @kabogamer sure

  169. kabogamer

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    Sucibe me please

  170. Murilooツ

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  171. JINXs

    JINXs7 dagar sedan

    Finalmente esse jogo lançou não aguentava mais ver este negócio nas apresentações, agora só falta o death loop para termos algo novo e mais interessante 😂😂😂

  172. Dominic Torretto

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  173. Marlbartony

    Marlbartony7 dagar sedan

    Best Emoji

  174. Marlbartony

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  175. radical konrad

    radical konrad7 dagar sedan

    Playing this soon 😈

  176. Alex Coronado

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  177. Red Xlll

    Red Xlll7 dagar sedan

    Brilliant game so far, my goal is to save all Mudokon's.

  178. Haruki

    Haruki7 dagar sedan

    I can't wait to play this on my ps5 ... oh wait ...

  179. Mr. spicy ice

    Mr. spicy ice7 dagar sedan

    @Haruki yeah.....and?

  180. Haruki

    Haruki7 dagar sedan

    @Mr. spicy ice it's for free on ps5

  181. Mr. spicy ice

    Mr. spicy ice7 dagar sedan

    Then get it on the playstation 4

  182. Binshumesh Sachan

    Binshumesh Sachan7 dagar sedan

    where should I play this.... No console to purchase

  183. Snoy Fly

    Snoy Fly7 dagar sedan

    It’s on PS4 and PC too.

  184. Mr. spicy ice

    Mr. spicy ice7 dagar sedan

    Do you not have a playstation 4?

  185. ONI BAKU

    ONI BAKU7 dagar sedan

    Mechanically Flawed & Buggy. Big fan of the original tho.

  186. BoneSawArm

    BoneSawArm7 dagar sedan

    This game is awesome