The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom - Story Trailer | PS4

The world is in danger! Evil Malondre threatens everything, but Jack and his buddies wage war from their tree house and hit the streets to save our dimension! #TheLastKidsOnEarthAndTheStaffOfDoom coming Spring 2021.


  1. Ruben's Reel

    Ruben's ReelDag sedan

    0:20 Nice job explaining. I don't understand. Not even the captions helped me. 🤦‍♂️

  2. Morya Wadhwa

    Morya Wadhwa2 dagar sedan

    I am 9 and watched the netflix series loved it I am looking forward to this

  3. Get Murked Doe

    Get Murked Doe4 dagar sedan

    And the most unnecessarily long name for a video game award goes to ...

  4. Ginjer Jax

    Ginjer Jax4 dagar sedan

    I already wanna play this.

  5. College Slam

    College Slam4 dagar sedan

    Wish this was on switch

  6. Ruben's Reel

    Ruben's Reel5 dagar sedan

    Everyone: I wish I was 10 years old! Me who is 10 years old: 😶

  7. AJR 9946

    AJR 99465 dagar sedan

    I miss games like this but why does everything have to look like Fortnite?

  8. Abdullah Bazil

    Abdullah Bazil5 dagar sedan

    I just hope this doesn't flop like the Monsterhunters game

  9. Liam Slattery

    Liam Slattery5 dagar sedan

    They are literally saying the last kids on earth for a reason.

  10. Prototype X

    Prototype X5 dagar sedan

    Not the voices I pictured the characters being or their personalities but oh well can't be the way I picture it cause I didnt make it

  11. Edward Escalante

    Edward Escalante6 dagar sedan

    I gotta finish watching this show. 🤡

  12. DailyDonkey

    DailyDonkey5 dagar sedan

    Ye u are a clown for watching it 😂 my 7yr old sister watches this

  13. Hati Andersen

    Hati Andersen6 dagar sedan

    That's Jack De Sena voice? Plus, 0:20 amazing Zaiisey art

  14. Mohammed Harun

    Mohammed Harun6 dagar sedan

    Thats what i thought ..becuz i am a huge fan of atla But its actually nick wolfhard They have a show on netflix i liked it maybe you will too

  15. Alexander Karp

    Alexander Karp6 dagar sedan

    Oh look, a hack n slash looter game for 6 year Olds. Cool.

  16. ShortStreamGamer

    ShortStreamGamer6 dagar sedan

    At this point age is just a number

  17. matti dangelo

    matti dangelo6 dagar sedan

    Ya hacía falta


    PUNANI_SLAYER4206 dagar sedan

    This game doesn't even deserve a trailer........

  19. Im Cesar

    Im Cesar6 dagar sedan

    Is it just or are the books wayyyy better than the Netflix show

  20. Achebe Obaseki

    Achebe Obaseki6 dagar sedan

    I’m 9 and I’m definitely gonna play this😄 I’m not nine wish I was

  21. That guy who likes sonic

    That guy who likes sonic6 dagar sedan

    You can always tell that a game is gonna be bad if it uses pizza as health pickups

  22. Rebel Fleet Trooper

    Rebel Fleet Trooper6 dagar sedan

    What if there was a True And The Rainbow Kingdom game?

  23. GamerSlyRatchet1

    GamerSlyRatchet16 dagar sedan

    Neat. I wish there were more video games based on Netflix's action cartoons like Kipo, Stretch Armstrong, Kulipari, or She-Ra.

  24. Leandro Donizetti

    Leandro Donizetti6 dagar sedan

    top zera

  25. Jackii boy

    Jackii boy6 dagar sedan


  26. Dabbykingawesome

    Dabbykingawesome6 dagar sedan

    This is the best book series

  27. Mohammed Harun

    Mohammed Harun6 dagar sedan

    @SpikeTheWolf yea it is A novel by max brailler

  28. SpikeTheWolf

    SpikeTheWolf6 dagar sedan

    It's a book?

  29. Roy Paul

    Roy Paul6 dagar sedan

    No thanks

  30. true lies

    true lies6 dagar sedan

    Ninja theory is cool

  31. aZombieDictator

    aZombieDictator6 dagar sedan

    Outright games strikes again.

  32. Syntherus

    Syntherus6 dagar sedan

    I read it as "and the Staff of Doom" as in they were hanging out with the people who worked on Doom and Doom: Eternal.

  33. Muhammad Yacoub

    Muhammad Yacoub6 dagar sedan

    Same lol

  34. L

    L6 dagar sedan

    I remember reading one of the books when I was like 11

  35. Benvan Sv

    Benvan Sv6 dagar sedan

    Un nombre más largo no pudieron elegir xd

  36. HunterMZx23

    HunterMZx236 dagar sedan

    Im 20 and im still gonna play

  37. yeetly

    yeetly14 timmar sedan

    @Alexander Karp hahahaha

  38. Alexander Karp

    Alexander Karp6 dagar sedan

    You're parents must be so very proud lol

  39. Serxho animes

    Serxho animes6 dagar sedan

    dude i'm 23 and i just download songebob game for ps4 😆

  40. Ordinary Videos

    Ordinary Videos6 dagar sedan

    Loved the books

  41. Vivek Babbar

    Vivek Babbar6 dagar sedan

    There are literally better games than this one on mobile phones.


    ZRAIARZ6 dagar sedan

    Is it me or is the black characters often being portrayed as frail nerd pretty often now? Even if its not bad they are smart why do they always gotta be frail if they are? I guess that goes the same for the white guy characters now just often being brick jocks

  43. FROG dela POND

    FROG dela POND6 dagar sedan

    I was wondering why the title looked familiar, it was from a book i was reading at target.

  44. bruh

    bruh6 dagar sedan

    I remember reading the books years ago

  45. Yvn6 Fif

    Yvn6 Fif6 dagar sedan

    Monster madness?

  46. Gabriel Dédy

    Gabriel Dédy6 dagar sedan

    Sempre achei que isso daria um bom jogo

  47. Linda aka the gamergirl

    Linda aka the gamergirl6 dagar sedan

    Now I need to watch the show, before the game is out.

  48. حمزه حسام

    حمزه حسام6 dagar sedan


  49. Awakens

    Awakens6 dagar sedan

    Since when was June considered spring?

  50. Ruben's Reel

    Ruben's Reel5 dagar sedan

    Reveal Trailer: Coming Spring 2021 Release Date: June 4th *No one liked that*

  51. Johnathan LeBlanc

    Johnathan LeBlanc6 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of that old fusion fall spin off, but cooler

  52. Génesis Capellan Maldonado

    Génesis Capellan Maldonado6 dagar sedan

    Me recuerda a Brawl Stars

  53. Kyle Casey

    Kyle Casey6 dagar sedan

    Liked the Netflix show!


    VRGAMING WITH CARLOS6 dagar sedan

    Wow a Netflix show turned into a game

  55. Andres Galaz

    Andres Galaz6 dagar sedan

    Play station = phone games

  56. Anas Bakhit

    Anas Bakhit6 dagar sedan

    is this supposed to be a spiritual successor to Zombies at My Neighborhood?

  57. Anas Bakhit

    Anas Bakhit5 timmar sedan

    @SkullRipperrr had no idea it got a Netflix series.

  58. SkullRipperrr

    SkullRipperrr6 timmar sedan

    No it’s from books then a series on Netflix now a game.

  59. hoodedshadow7

    hoodedshadow76 dagar sedan

    Love the show,haven't read the books yet but soon, and this game a maybe to play it. Onana not bad

  60. Dustrauma 26

    Dustrauma 266 dagar sedan

    Kinda like Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Nice.

  61. TYRANTS Ash

    TYRANTS Ash6 dagar sedan

    JUNE'S 11th ; RATCHET and CLANK, NGC & PS5 too. Can't wait.

  62. ellie

    ellie6 dagar sedan

    Cant wait for returnal demon souls was great

  63. Evandro L

    Evandro L6 dagar sedan

    @TYRANTS Ash ohhhhhh my dog Nice Cant wait Im ready for it

  64. TYRANTS Ash

    TYRANTS Ash6 dagar sedan

    @Evandro L nope, JUNE'S 11th baby.. can't wait & backlog games TOO. For eg RETURNAL Das Spiderman miles moral ultamite edition Sackboy adventure & astro bots. PS4/5 Marches on.. or can't wait.

  65. Evandro L

    Evandro L6 dagar sedan

    Do you have a PS5?

  66. Michael Nielson

    Michael Nielson6 dagar sedan

    I really love the art style. Unfortunately I kind of hate everything else

  67. TYRANTS Ash

    TYRANTS Ash6 dagar sedan


  68. Nott nice

    Nott nice6 dagar sedan

    Discriminating on white woman smh

  69. Gizmo

    Gizmo6 dagar sedan

    Looks ok 👌

  70. Nguyễn DuyKhang

    Nguyễn DuyKhang6 dagar sedan

    this looks pretty playable

  71. Oday Yousif

    Oday Yousif6 dagar sedan

    The way I knew this is from Netflix

  72. SpikeTheWolf

    SpikeTheWolf6 dagar sedan


  73. Marlbartony

    Marlbartony6 dagar sedan

    My brother was also watching it but it was years ago and I clicked at it because I remembered it

  74. Evandro L

    Evandro L6 dagar sedan

    @Gabriel Murphy I just came up to say I'm a SIMP

  75. Gabriel Murphy

    Gabriel Murphy6 dagar sedan


  76. Spookycrane

    Spookycrane6 dagar sedan

    Whoever created this needs to be fired immediately.

  77. Saiyadim

    Saiyadim6 dagar sedan


  78. electriz gamer

    electriz gamer6 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of that one sponge bob game, called globs of doom or something.

  79. Theheroneeded Willette

    Theheroneeded Willette6 dagar sedan

    Technically globs of doom was a nicktoons crossover game, not just sponge bob, more accurately the 4th main game in a series of crossover games.

  80. ensar eryılmaz

    ensar eryılmaz6 dagar sedan

    Hi PlayStation #2

  81. Pearse Traynor

    Pearse Traynor6 dagar sedan

    Looks like its straight out of the Nickolodeon era, some people are gonna love this

  82. ali asadi

    ali asadi6 dagar sedan

    Hi play station

  83. gus tato

    gus tato6 dagar sedan

    Ambiente yankinizado 😂 Yankis y zombies 🧟‍♂️... Clásico de clásicos, por eso no lo compraría

  84. Da_Boss_3807

    Da_Boss_38076 dagar sedan


  85. Fabio Jardim

    Fabio Jardim6 dagar sedan

    that looks like an awesome kids game that has no appeal to adults. 10 yo me would have loved to play this.

  86. Stella

    Stella6 dagar sedan

    Is it like Diablo?

  87. - james

    - james6 dagar sedan

    10 year old me would have loved this

  88. Bush

    Bush6 dagar sedan

    10 year old me would have thought I was too cool for this cringe

  89. Beizal

    Beizal6 dagar sedan

    You can still love it of course! No matter the age

  90. T-MAC

    T-MAC6 dagar sedan

    Watch the Netflix show

  91. Evandro L

    Evandro L6 dagar sedan

    Hey homie this game is epic

  92. Ricardo

    Ricardo6 dagar sedan

    Stupid children games

  93. Zəneravity

    Zəneravity6 dagar sedan

    Dang I've never been this early XDD

  94. Kartikeya Singh

    Kartikeya Singh6 dagar sedan

    This looks like a work of team that really loved the project I hope the game turns out well


    GHOST of TSUSHIMA6 dagar sedan


  96. YT Spideyyy

    YT Spideyyy6 dagar sedan

    Hi PlayStation


    GHOST of TSUSHIMA6 dagar sedan